My husband: Pure evil since 1968

He did it again!!  He made cinnamon rolls this morning – big, gooey, hot cinnamon rolls. The kids oohed and ahhhed and licked their sticky fingers in delight.  “Whoa, there’s a lot of icing on this one!!” “Yum! This is the best breakfast ever!”

I hate him.

You wanna know what I had? I had oatmeal with a banana instead of a cinnamon roll.




OATMEAL IS A POOR SUBSTITUTE FOR A CINNAMON ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted a cinnamon roll soooo baaaaaad, but instead I ate oatmeal. Boring, bland, stupid oatmeal. I hate oatmeal.

Why?! Why can’t cinnamon rolls be good for you? Why does all the tasty stuff have to be so BAD??????????   It’s just not fair! *stamps foot in disgust*

Yes I know I’m being a total baby about this but I wanted a cinnamon roll dammit!! 

And no, I don’t feel superior for NOT eating the blasted cinnamon roll, and no, I won’t feel better in two hours, either. I’m probably going to be pissed off all morning long because I’m 38 years old and I am a big baby. So there!

Stupid cinnamon roll.

12 thoughts on “My husband: Pure evil since 1968

  1. Ouch! That is sort-of evil for you but really sweet to do that for the kids!

    Just think, had you had the cinnamon roll this morning, you would probably be very hungry right now . . . the oatmeal sticks to the ribs and keeps you full longer, especially if you pair it with a protein.

    And I think it is awesome you bypassed the rolls —- I doubt I could have.

  2. Okay Jill, I sat and thought about this for a LONG time (about 5 minutes while I finished eating my protein pancake with walnuts
    baked in it and banana-maple syrup on top.)

    The first two things I thought were: I don’t know if I would have ever lost any weight if that had been going on in my house, and I would have wanted one too–just because they smell so good.

    But if you can’t keep that from happening occasionally, you have to have a better substitute. I mean, I actually really like oatmeal (tell me you’re not using instant) but its no match for a cinnamon roll. You need BAKED GOODS in your freezer. Under lock and key. So when the cinnamon rolls come out, you go and get one of your delicious blueberry scones (and put a lot of cinnamon in them just so they smell good reheating) and you get to eat that. Just you. And I wouldn’t feel deprived eating my blueberry scone because I would know that it would fuel me for a good long time, and it wouldn’t make me crave MORE later in the day, and most of all because I LOOOOOVE my blueberry scones and they taste better than any old cinnamon roll (esp. if they are those stupid Grands ones.)

    If I thought they would make the trip, I’d send you some. Come on. You can do this. I’ll even do a phone conference with you to walk you through baking blueberry scones if you want. Okay, even easier is the ‘apricot oatmeal bars’–the first recipe on my sidebar. You can substitute any fruit that you like. And they have the protein powder so they also really hold you for a while. Oh. And those pancakes are really really quick to make in the morning too. And taste really decadent. And for some reason, a lot of times, they will hold me all the way to lunch.

    Do your iChange people have any suggestions about what to do with the ‘evil people among us?’ Hey, that would be a good title for a movie about struggling dieters.

    1. You are brilliant my dear Debs!! I shall be plucking recipes from your sidebar this weekend. 🙂 A better substitute is exactly what I need!

      And now that I think about it, I am really amazed myself that I passed them up. But I already had the oatmeal made (regular, not instant or even quick oats), and it was on my menu so it was pretty automatic that I was going to eat it. And it would have been good if I hadn’t been in a big hurry to eat it this morning – I had protein powder and a banana mixed in with it. That was 3 1/2 hours ago and I”m just now getting hungry – good thing lunch is in half an hour!

  3. What a great husband! I wish my husband would make me breakfast. You should of just ate one. Life is too short, you know. Eat oatmeal tomorrow. It will still be there.

  4. Oh, your husband is evil. How can he do that to you? I don’t know if I would be able to resist hot cinnamon rolls. You are so much stronger than I am. It’s ok to stop your feet and scream about the injustice of it all but you will feel better when you don’t see the evidence of the cinnamon roll on the scale.

  5. If you’re jonesing for cinnamon roles, check out They have some extremely tasty and satisfying low-fat cinnamon buns (and cinnamon bun middles!), along with a bunch of incredibly good low-fat donuts. If you can discipline yourself to have just one, once in a while, they are a really great treat and they won’t blow your calorie or WW point bank. I’ve lost 100lbs already while still eating them once or twice a week. Even my skinny hubby loves them. The products themselves aren’t too expensive, considering the market – but the shipping charges can kill you if you don’t wait for a sale, which they have regularly. (I am not affiliate with Holey Donuts in any way, shape or form, other than as a satisfied customer)

  6. How rude! lol. I feel your pain, honey. Oh, do I feel it. Cinnamon rolls are so good…but bad…but GOOD! Dang it!!

    Good for you for making the BETTER decision…even it sucked.

  7. Have you never had the Quaker cinnamon roll oatmeal? It’s not as healthy as old-fashioned or steal cut but it’s sweet and gooey and tastes pretty much like a cinnamon roll. Still not quite the same but a better substitution than plain oatmeal. Good job not giving in though!!

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