And the lightbulb goes on

Well today was just one big nutritional train wreck. It started badly, it continued badly, and it ended badly. Today was one of those run-around-all-day-doing-errands kind of days and I felt myself at the mercy of my family’s eating whims. Shawn made cinnamon rolls this morning, which I didn’t eat but I wanted to, so instead I ate about 1/2 cup frosted mini wheats. I was feeling deprived and pouty, so when they wanted to stop at Taco Tico (do you all know Taco Tico? It’s like the McDonald’s of Mexican fast food) for lunch I didn’t say no. I did the best I could there – a sancho, which is really just a flour tortilla with shredded chicken and shredded cheese and shredded lettuce (they’re all about The Shredded), and then when we got home I wanted something sweet. The only sweet thing we have in the house is graham crackers, so I ate one of those. Then I had some Doritos. Then some more Doritos. And a couple more Doritos. Did I mention that I don’t even like Doritos that much? That’s why they were in the house – I thought I could deal with having them around. A few hours, a couple slices of pizza and 4 Milano cookies later, here I am.



So the real deal here is that my daughter Sarah is away on an overnight Girl Scout trip at an aquarium. I am not with her. I know who she is with and I am confident that she is fine and having a good time. But…

I am not with her.

And I have been nervous about this thing for a week – I don’t know why – and it culminated into the feeding frenzy that was today.  I will be okay in about 12 hours when I go to pick her up and she is safe in my care once again.

The funny thing is, I didn’t even realize that this event is what set off today’s binge until I started typing this post a few minutes ago.

And THAT, my friends, is why I blog.

6 thoughts on “And the lightbulb goes on

  1. Jill, have you ever read John Ortberg? Your writing style is very similar to his. And he is one of my favorite authors.

    Hmmm, that’s fascinating about blogging helping you to figure that out. I still think that it started with the frosted shredded wheat–sets you up to want more. And maybe only shredded wheat and a sancho by 1pm (just guessing) was not nearly enough food to fuel, which led to you needing A LOT more later in the day.

    And BTW, all of this food sounds quite lovely to me. We could be quite compatible eaters (why did I just get a vision of two elephant seals lolling companionably on the beach?)

    1. Oh my gosh Debs – the seals thing made me lol! And you are so right about everything – I didn’t eat enough before 4pm so then it all went to heck the next 4 hours!

  2. When you eliminate everything from the house that you enjoy eating, I think it can either be a good thing, or a very bad thing. I’ve found that when I’m stressed, then throw in crazy busy, and haven’t eaten, I tend to go to foods that are “close” to what I normally like to munch on. Even if they are foods that I could normally pass up. And “close” never cuts it for me, and makes me seek out other foods that might.
    Pack up some single sized indulgences and make hubby stash them away for you, then when you’re in a “mood” he can hand it over.
    It’s good that you were able to identify all the factors into why you ended up face first in a bag of Doritos.

    1. “Close” doesn’t cut it for me either. When I was really moving and grooving last time I lost quite a bit of weight, I always planned a treat – just a square of dark chocolate but it was something to look forward to and it was enough. I think I need to do that again.

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