…and must be destroyed.  As I was getting ready to get on the elliptical last night (cause I needed to get those damn French cookies out of my system), Shawn asked me “Hey whatever happened to that DVD you were so into?”

me: “What DVD? My yoga DVD?”

him: “No. The one with ole Fancy Pants”

me: ????

him: “That trainer from that show”

me: “Oh you mean the Shred!”

him: “No, that girl from the Biggest Loser”

me: “Jillian Michaels?”

him: “Yeah, her”

me: “Yeah, the DVD is Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred”

him: “Oh. Yeah. How come you don’t do that one anymore?”

me: “Why? Do you want to do it or something?”

him: “Do you?

me: “Well I’ll do it if you want to”

him: “Only if you want to”

This went on for several more minutes…


me: “So are we gonna Shred or what?”

him: “Let’s do it!”

So we moved the living room furniture out of the way, he changed into a pair of shorts, I put on a extra sports bra (Jillian loves her some jumping jacks!), and pretty soon we were huffing and puffing and sweating like pigs. 

I thought I was going to DIE!  I wanted to kill him for suggested we partake in such torture.

But we did it and we felt so proud of ourselves!

And then we celebrated with margaritas.

Oh well, at least we made the effort!  🙂