One of my coworkers brought some very decadent cookies to work today. They were these coconut-pecan-powdered sugar things all wrapped up in a thick chocolate shell. Very rich. I’m sure they were about 4,000 calories each, so why I ate 4 of them I will never know. They just looked so inviting, and they seemed to say in their French accent "try me Cherie, you weel fall in love wis my sugary goodness" (I don’t know why they had a French accent, but they did) that I didn’t want to resist. And after I ate them, I was immediately filled with regret because I knew then that I wouldn’t be hungry for my favorite apple shmeared with Laughing Cow Cheese topped with walnuts snack.

And that’s when it hit me: I was sad that I wouldn’t be having my healthy snack! I really wanted that apple with it’s soft-cheesy and walnuty flavor. I still want it, but I’m not going to eat it because I’m not hungry.

See that corner up ahead? I’m about to turn it.