Blissfully ignorant with a full belly

Weight: 160

Height: 5’3”

IQ: Dumber than a box of rocks


Hello Gang! Happy Monday to ya!

Okay, first off, let me just say that I am an idiot*. No really, it’s true. For some reason, and I have no idea why, I thought that frozen tortellini was somewhat of a low cal healthy food.


I’ll wait while you have a good laugh at that one…







*wipes tears from eyes* Oh gosh I haven’t laughed that hard in a while! I don’t know if it’s because back in the 80’s and early 90’s pasta was considered a “health food”, but I just thought that eating a big ole pile of tortellini would be a good choice for someone like myself who is watching her girlish figure. I was wrong.


According to, 3/4 cup of Cheese-filled Tortillini is 249 calories, which is not so bad. But guess who didn’t have 3/4 cup? Guess who had a lot more than 3/4 cup?!?!

I had 2 cups. Yep, 2 jam-packed cups of torellini with pasta sauce. According to this, I consumed about 700 calories in that one lunch!  That’s half of my cals for the WHOLE DING DONG DAY!!

 So the moral of the story is: make sure you know what you are putting in your pie hole BEFORE you put it there. That, my friends, is the value of tracking your food!

 *I don’t really think I am an idiot. Blissfully ignorant maybe, but not an idiot.

3 thoughts on “Blissfully ignorant with a full belly

  1. LOL! Oh, I’ve been there, girlfriend! Actually, that happened to me today…
    I decided to have a treat, after seeing a bag of leftover chocolate in the cabinet. So I picked two reese’s peanut butter trees. They were small, about the size of my thumb, I figured – probably about 150 calories for the two pieces…
    Sheah, try 180 calories EACH – those two little suckers cost me 360 calories, can you believe that???
    Well, live and learn – here’s to a very light dinner tonight, lol!

  2. I’ve done that. Eaten something and then looked it up…and prompty wished that I could make myself puke it up. Not saying I support binging and purging…just saying that it’s always interesting to look back and wonder if it was worth it.
    I always loved Cinnabon…and they have like 5 gazillion calories per bun.
    I love pasta though…could eat it until I get sick.

  3. Blissfully ignorant sounds so much better, almost beautiful in an ephemeral way…

    I have almost given up pasta completely. I have some grilled chicken/mozarella (can I just say right now that I HATE italian words. I am SO TIRED of looking up their spelling in the middle of blogging…) anyways, I love these RAVIOLIS (woo hoo, no red underline on the ravioli, however hoo is underlined) but they are 250 or 300 calories for 5 of them, and that is with a smear of sauce on them. Worthy, but they just look like such a small pile of food…

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