After a sleepless night (thank you t-storm at 3am and husband whose snoring sounds like a chainsaw cutting down giant oaks), a brilliant idea came to me at 5:10 this morning. You know how you get ideas that are so brilliant, you know they couldn’t have come from your own tiny brain, but had to be of the Divine Brain? Yeah, so I was laying there contemplating how hard I would have to kick my husband to get him to stop snoring when I decided that I would just go into work early so that I could go to Walmart after work. Then the flash of brilliance crossed my brain and said, “Or you could go to Walmart NOW and not have to go after work”. BRILLIANT*!!! So I got myself up and ready and headed to the Walmarts. It was blissfully empty; I got my stuff and was checking out a mere 45 minutes later. I seriously wanted to stand in the middle of the store and shout “I. AM. FINISHED!!!!!!!!” I was so happy…and am still happy an hour and a half later.

Ah… hear that? That’s the sound of my blood pressure dropping back down to normal.

I still have some baking to do tonight and few things to wrap, but I like doing those things, so I’m pretty happy right now.

*My new favorite word is Brilliant. It may very well replace “Awesome” as my All Time Favorite.


Things I Am Thanking God For Right Now:

• I am finished with my Christmas shopping

• Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we will be at his parents, and my parents respectively. This means no one is coming to my house. This means I DON’T HAVE TO KILL MYSELF CLEANING TO GET IT ALL READY!! Can I get an Amen?

• Shawn finished up a big project in the nick of time so that we could have plenty of money for Christmas gifts.

• My part of Christmas dinner is so painfully easy, I almost feel guilty that all I have to bring is rolls and a jar of green olives.

• I am thankful that it was 55 degrees last night at the Christmas Train. Perfect weather for something like that.

• I am taking a vacation day on Monday which means a 4 ½ day weekend for me!

• I know there are tons more things, but that’s all my weary head can come up with right now.

Okay, I’m done for now. I’m sure I’ll post tomorrow, even though all of blogland will be getting ready for Christmas and no one will probably even be checking blogs, but hey, if you are around, I’ll be around too. Happy Christmas Eve Eve!! 🙂