Challenge of the Day – Day 13

The Challenge of the Day is to think of another challenge. Seriously, I can’t think of anything else to add to the mix.  I know I should be focusing on exercising or eating better, but all I can think of is decreasing my stress.  I am feeling better today, but I still feel a lot of tension in my shoulders, so I know the mood could change in a blink. 

Okay, I just thought of a challenge:  whenever I feel like I’m about to blow my stack, I will spend 5 minutes doing some deep breathing exercises, and I will do this as many times today as I need (which might be a whole lot). I might even do this cause I’m all about the yoga these days. 

Breathe in, breathe out.     🙂

6 thoughts on “Challenge of the Day – Day 13

  1. How about a nice long bubble bath? You can take that book you’re working on, maybe a glass of your favorite adult beverage, or a mug of cocoa with you and relax until the water runs cold and you have to refill.
    I know with little kids that’s hard to do, so get hubby on board by telling him you may lapse into a comatose state if you don’t destress…and then who will wash his clothes?

  2. Okay I am distracted by Heather’s suggestion of hot chocolate in the bathtub. I am doing that on Christmas Eve after work!!!

    Now, curious minds want to know. Between 9:36 and 9:45 you went from being completely over your stress to You might blow your stack?

    Serenity now, Jill. Serenity now.

    1. Serenity now is going to be my new mantra! I will use that while I’m doing my deep breathing exercises (which I have not had to do yet, thankyouverymuch)! 🙂

      1. I AM over my stress, but you know, one wrong look and it could all come flooding back! I thought in the interest of the safety of my coworkers, I should have a plan in case I go berserk or something.

        and yeah, hot chocolate in the bathtub? I’m soooo doing that tomorrow night! (I’d do it tonight, but we have plans that I fear will run late-ish into the evening)

  3. I’ve got a challenge. It’s called The Positivity Challenge. The idea is that you have to find 2 positive things in your life every day and post them on my challenge page for 1 full month. They can be anything big or small, something that happened to you or something you did, it doesn’t matter, just as long as it’s something positive for you.

    Here’s the link to all the challenge page if anyone’s up to the challenge:

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