Challenge of the Day – Day 11

So I guess you’ve noticed by now that my weekend challenges are a bit…easy. That’s because I’m usually running around like crazy trying to take care of everything I didn’t have time to do during the week (having a job really sucks sometimes). So I’m forcing myself to s l o w   d o w n on the weekends. Today’s challenge is also a repeat of last weekend – spend some time reading. I changed books midstream and am now reading A Garden in Paris. It’s great so far and I’m excited to spend some time reading. If you have a book you’ve been neglecting, you have my permission to spend and hour (or 4) chillin with a book!  Enjoy!


One thought on “Challenge of the Day – Day 11

  1. I was hoping that when I went TV-less, I would read more. Unfortunately, I have replace TV with other stuff, but not reading. Thanks for permission to read! I will do that tonight!

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