Challenge of the Day – Day 7

Wow it’s been a week already!  I’ll admit that I haven’t met all of my challenges 100%, but I’ve made a good, honest effort and that’s all that matters. 

So for today’s challenge, I’m going to challenge myself with one of my most-hated exercises: The Push Up.  I have terrible arm strength, which is why I chose to punish myself with such an awful form of torture.  *sigh* I’m going to attempt to do 30 push ups, BUT I don’t have to do them all at once.  I think I’m going to break them into 3 blocks of 10 push ups.  AND they’re going to be girly-girl push ups – none of this “marine style” stuff for me.  I know my limits! 


3 thoughts on “Challenge of the Day – Day 7

  1. You go Jill! Pushups have become my most loved-most hated exercise. Used to be my most hated for the same reasons as you. Now at least I can do them pretty good, and even some different ones, so most loved because I am proud of my strong self!

    I really hope you did the challenge to take some time for yourself, and that you are having some measure of joy and peace during this Christmas season!

    1. Thanks Debby – I am. This has been a good little challenge for me – just taking the time to do SOMETHING for me that I know is good for me too. Hope you are having a good day!

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