Challenge of the Day – Day 6

Today is PayDay (yeehaw!) and so I’m going to do something that I’ve been putting off waaaaaaay too long.  I’m going to stock up on all my vitamins.  I’ve been out of calcium supplements for a long time, so I’m getting those along with some Fish Oil caplets. I’ve still got plenty of multi’s I think, but if there’s a sale, I might go ahead and get some more of those as well. 

Being strong on the inside is just as important as being strong on the outside!


2 thoughts on “Challenge of the Day – Day 6

  1. ooh, you’ve guilted me into taking my vitamins again. I went for months without anything, and then a couple weeks ago, I put them out on the bathroom counter again, but I still forget to take them. For me, the one that got me worried and wanting to take them again was not a vitamin, but the baby aspirin that I am supposed to be taking to prevent stroke!

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