Really, honestly my lack of communication this week has nothing to do with you all. I love you all. In fact, I’ve been stalking some of you and you didn’t even know it because I haven’t commented, but really I still puffy heart each and every one of you. It’s me, and work that’s been keeping me away. Work has been crazy-busy but since it’s Friday I figure I’ve earned a little blog time!

So, to recap the last week or so: Thanksgiving was a success! Everything got done with time to spare, the food was great, Shawn and the kids pitched in big time to help get everything ready and it was really just a great weekend all around. Until Sunday when I finally got out and got some Christmas shopping done, which sucked the Christmas joy right out of me. Can I be honest here? Yes I can because it’s my blog, so I’m just gonna lay it out – I hate Christmas shopping. I love giving presents, but I hate the shopping. I hate spending $25 bucks on a cheap plastic toy that will be at the bottom of the toy box next month. I hate it that things are so overpriced and not worth the money you pay for them. I hate it when I don’t know what to get. *sigh* Shawn tells me to not worry about it and just spend the money. I just want to get a good value for my money – is that too much to ask?

I did manage to get all my decorating finished and the tree decorated, so that’s good. I really do love Christmas time and I am really excited that we are going to my sister’s house the day after Christmas to have Christmas with all of my family – that will be a blast! Then the weekend of New Year’s we are going to Memphis to visit some of Shawn’s extended family. We haven’t been back to Memphis for several years, so I think it will be a fun trip for the kiddos. Not sure if we’ll do Graceland again – been there, done that already, so it’s not such a big thrill anymore.

Oh hey guess what?! I get to go to therapy today! FOR MY FINGER, not for my head, thankyouverymuch, although I could probably use some of that as well. It still hurts when I type so maybe they’ll be able to help me with that. I hope so, because it’s hard to type with a finger tip protector on! It should be interesting.

Oh – I got my hair cut and I love it! I went back to my regular girl and told her exactly what I wanted and she cut it exactly the way I wanted it!! I dig my hair now.

Please to enjoy my luscious curls

 Oh remember the girlstache debaucle?  Well I did it again.  This time I thought I would try waxing instead, thinking that lots of people do it, so how bad could it be?  HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!! THAT SHIZZ HURTS!!!! And now I’m left with a bunch of lovely bumps all over my upper lip and chin. I’m irresistable ya’ll.  Smo-kin. Anyone ever tried those Smooth Away thingies? That’s probably next on my list.

Before I go I want to wish one of my best blogging buddies a very happy birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBY!!!  I hope you have a wonderful day!!


Later taters – me and my hot hair and bumpy chin have some work to do, so you all have a good weekend!!