I’m gonna be thankful even if it kills me

Okay, in lieu of another “I’m panicking and whining about it” post, I thought it might do me some good to post some things that I’m grateful for, ya know, in honor of Thanksgiving blah blah blah,.

I’m thankful/grateful for the following:

Coffee – ‘nuff said

• My 4 year old, whose latest favorite game is “can you guess how much I love you?”

• My mom – she is so unselfish and she’s like a walking cookbook. I can’t count how many times our phone conversations have started with “Mom, how do you make (gravy, chocolate pie, punch, etc)?

People who unknowingly provide me with an answer, an attitude check, or a good belly laugh (bloggers, I’m looking at you).

• My God, who always takes care of me, even when I have trouble remembering to trust Him.

• A really good song – the kind that can make you cry your eyes out or dance like a Solid Gold Dancer.


Things that make my life easier – my new front loading washing machine, my crockpot, staple-pullers, UnderJams, the “backspace” key.

• My husband – for various reasons.

Tim Hawkins – go look him up on YouTube – he’s HIGH-LARIOUS.

Lunch time.


Well that’s just an abbreviated list, but it is indeed lunch time and I’m hungry so I’ll stop there for now.

Have a great Tuesday!!

4 thoughts on “I’m gonna be thankful even if it kills me

  1. Thanks for the HIGH-larity, Jill. Now I am ready to start my day. I am thankful for you, my funny friend. But really, you stopped me in my tracks–YOU HAVE A FRONT-LOADING WASHING MACHINE? Really? I am trying really really hard right now now to be consumed with lust. Washing clothes is my favorite chore. But to have a front-loading washing machine–well, that would be a little bit of heaven on earth.

    1. Oh girl, it’s as every bit as good as you can imagine! It has cut my laundry time in half! I got one with a really big capacity, so it holds lots more stuff than my old one. Keeping up with laundry is SOOOO much easier now! We bought the washer on a 90-days-no-interest plan, and we’ll get it paid off next month (on day 84). After the holidays, we’ll probably get the dryer to match (but nothing’s wrong with my current dryer…yet 😉 ).

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