I just found out yesterday that I am hosting a total of 14 people for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I immediately went into anxiety-mode and I can’t seem to shake it. And so begins the stress that doesn’t end until December 26th. I always get this way this time of year, even though every year is the same – I worry about how my house looks to everyone else, I worry if we’ll have enough money for Christmas, I worry about getting everything done in time. I worry, worry, worry.

Funny thing that “worry” was the subject of our Sunday school lesson this morning.  I know that I need not worry, but yet I feel the tension in my shoulders and I can’t get the nagging feeling out of my body that “oh crap, it’s that time again”. 

Most of the things I worry about are completely ridiculous. For one thing, I really wanted Thanksgiving to be relatively easy with a small menu. Well, it’s already turned into one big food orgy with 6 kinds of pie! Seriously, do 14 people need 6 kinds of pie????   Also we are having 3 different vegetables (and no, they won’t be healthy  – they’ll be drowning in butter and creamed soups), as well as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, and don’t forget the turkey and stuffing, and if that isn’t enough, we are also having ham.  The thought of all that food stresses me out! Because none of us needs that much! Oh! Oh! Oh! Did I mention that my SIL wants to bring a cocout cake? Who has coconut cake for Thanksgiving?????

The bulk of the work is going to be on me, even though my SIL will be bringing a lot of the food, but it’s my kitchen that is going to get wrecked, and even before that I have to make sure the house is cleaned and all the laundry is done, plus I have to work Mon, Tues, and Wednesday, so it’s not like I’ll have a ton of time to get it all done. Why can’t the holidays be easy? Why does it have to be so much trouble? I think one of the reasons I’m so stressed about this is because it’s my husband’s family that is coming. My parents might come, but it’s doubtful, so I think that kind of takes the fun factor out of it for me. Entertaining Shawn’s family is very different from entertaining my family.

I’m so sorry I’m complaining and whining. I just really needed to vent and get this out and off my chest.  I don’t want my bad attitude to taint the holidays, so unfortunately for those of you who chose to read my blog today, my bad attitude gets to taint you.  😦  I promise I’ll make it up with a funny post sometime soon!