The whining continues…

I just found out yesterday that I am hosting a total of 14 people for Thanksgiving on Thursday. I immediately went into anxiety-mode and I can’t seem to shake it. And so begins the stress that doesn’t end until December 26th. I always get this way this time of year, even though every year is the same – I worry about how my house looks to everyone else, I worry if we’ll have enough money for Christmas, I worry about getting everything done in time. I worry, worry, worry.

Funny thing that “worry” was the subject of our Sunday school lesson this morning.  I know that I need not worry, but yet I feel the tension in my shoulders and I can’t get the nagging feeling out of my body that “oh crap, it’s that time again”. 

Most of the things I worry about are completely ridiculous. For one thing, I really wanted Thanksgiving to be relatively easy with a small menu. Well, it’s already turned into one big food orgy with 6 kinds of pie! Seriously, do 14 people need 6 kinds of pie????   Also we are having 3 different vegetables (and no, they won’t be healthy  – they’ll be drowning in butter and creamed soups), as well as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, and don’t forget the turkey and stuffing, and if that isn’t enough, we are also having ham.  The thought of all that food stresses me out! Because none of us needs that much! Oh! Oh! Oh! Did I mention that my SIL wants to bring a cocout cake? Who has coconut cake for Thanksgiving?????

The bulk of the work is going to be on me, even though my SIL will be bringing a lot of the food, but it’s my kitchen that is going to get wrecked, and even before that I have to make sure the house is cleaned and all the laundry is done, plus I have to work Mon, Tues, and Wednesday, so it’s not like I’ll have a ton of time to get it all done. Why can’t the holidays be easy? Why does it have to be so much trouble? I think one of the reasons I’m so stressed about this is because it’s my husband’s family that is coming. My parents might come, but it’s doubtful, so I think that kind of takes the fun factor out of it for me. Entertaining Shawn’s family is very different from entertaining my family.

I’m so sorry I’m complaining and whining. I just really needed to vent and get this out and off my chest.  I don’t want my bad attitude to taint the holidays, so unfortunately for those of you who chose to read my blog today, my bad attitude gets to taint you.  😦  I promise I’ll make it up with a funny post sometime soon!

14 thoughts on “The whining continues…

  1. Are you freaking kidding me? I just got an ulcer on your behalf. I love my crazy family, but I would not…could not, host them all for a holiday meal. My husband’s family?? Hell no.
    I can’t say much about the mass amounts of food though. My family gets together a night prior and calls it “Pie Night”, where all we do is eat pie…and there is often HALF a pie per person (not saying we actually eat that much).
    If all you manage to do is write up a post about it all…I’d say you’re doing awesome. Can you take Wednesday off?
    Good luck girlfriend…I’m pulling for you.

        1. Pie night is awesome. In the past we have gotten together the night before Thanksgiving, which was great if you were staying in town, but kinda missed the point of being able to catch the ones that couldn’t make it Thanksgiving day.
          This year we finally won out for Sunday night. Which worked out so well. Pie night is a much less formal event, and it is nice to just hang out and visit, without the craziness of preparing food all day. It’s simple, everyone brings their favorite pie (or two, or three).
          Really, it started out as just a good excuse to eat pie instead of actual food. Haha. But it has become very nice because one family has become so large that they do their own Thanksgiving, and so we don’t get to see them that day. Nice event to keep in touch.
          Love you too! I’m sure you’ll do great!

  2. Ok, take a deep breath. You can do this.

    First, people will remember YOUR ATTITUDE more than they remember the cleanliness of your baseboards. Don’t stress yourself out with imaginary critics. And if your family really does have a critic in it, smile and ignore him or her. Any mean comments say far more about the critic than the victim.

    Let go of the food concerns. It doesn’t matter how much is on the table. If your SIL wants to bring coconut cake, let her! That doesn’t mean that you have to eat it. And if you can’t get people to take leftovers home, you can get creative. Maybe you can pre-scout a place to take your leftovers – is there a place where the homeless usually gather? Do you have friends from church who are elderly and shut in and would appreciate a slice of coconut cake?

    I’m not trying to be critical, I’m just trying to give you a positive perspective. Attitude is much more important than circumstances and people are more important than things.

    Sending love and prayers your way!!!

  3. I think Juice has some GREAT ideas. Sometimes all it takes is a vent, a whine and a mini tantrum (for me anyway) and then you can focus on the good of the holiday.

    It’s all about attitude not perfection. You’ll get through this. It will be a fantastic holiday!

  4. holidays, especially when you are the hostess of something, put me in panic mode too. i have my parents, son and neice coming into town, but thankfully knowing i work 2 jobs, my dad is paying for us to all go to a big turkey day buffet at the Ramada, so that will save on food, dishes, and b/s in the kitchen! then again, i’ll still have 3 more days of food service while they’re in town… LOL

    good luck!!!

  5. Wow, Jill! I couldn’t reply yesterday because I was out of town, but you got awesome comments/suggestions from Heather and Juice. AWESOME!!! I can’t really add anything. But do you still love me anyway?

    I wonder if you could suggest pie night for next year, and then you could have just you and Shawn and the kids for a nice little Thanksgiving next year. I used to really like those holidays like that once in a while when I was a kid.

  6. Jill!!! You won the lotus pad on Miz! How fortuitous! Now you can sit on your lotus pad and do the ‘serenity now’ (Seinfeld–George’s dad) thing when things get crazy on Thanksgiving! You are set!!!

    I am as excited as I would be if I won it myself.

  7. I’m always surprised how people get so stressed out for Thanksgiving. I come from a South Asian background and regulary we have parties where there are 30+ guests and 7-8 dishes on the table. It never fazes us, why does a party for six or ten faze most Americans?

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