Hello Saturday Blog Readers! 

I’ve been thinking (a dangerous pasttime, I know) and when I’ve been thinking about one particular thing for awhile, it inevitably ends up as a blog post. Before the Smashed Finger, I was on a serious roll – cardio, strength training, tracking my food – I felt great and was happy.  For the last 6 weeks, I have been derailed – have flopped and fluttered and failed when it comes to working out, and it pisses me off because I know better. I’ve been reading weight loss/healthy living blogs long enough to know that when one is truly committed, one does not let life throw them off track.  Yet, I have thrown myself off the track. I don’t for one minute think that I will ever be perfect with it, but persistant and consistant is what I’m striving for, but I can’t even seem to conquer those two things. Ugh!  I don’t feel shame, just a sort of pissed-offedness that I let my focus get blurry.

This time of year produces a lot of anxiety for me (money,time,etc) and I know that regular exercise would help tremendously, but I am…I don’t know…afraid to start again? It’s a weird feeling, and not one I like very much. 

I am still doing okay with the upkeep of my house and so today I won’t have to spend 8 hours cleaning up, maybe one hour at the most, so I plan on doing some pre-holiday planning and lots of relaxing – I think I need this more than anything. Life has been hectic lately and I think I need some time to decompress. Maybe a trip to the library would do me some good -I love the peace and serene feeling of a library, don’t you?

Okay, going to get my day started. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!