Why I worked out in my regular clothes last night:

Me: I really need to work out instead of wasting time of Facebook.

Me: So go work out then.

Me: I don’t feel like changing my clothes.

Me: So don’t change. Just go work out.

Me: Wha?? Work out in my regular clothes? Isn’t there a law against that or something?

Me: You’re getting on the elliptical, not doing a triathalon, and besides that you can’t work out very strenuously anyway because of the throbbage in your finger.

Me: Yeah, but I’m in jeans and a long sleeve shirt – I can’t work out in that! Nobody works out in jeans – that’s just stupid!

Me: Why?

Me: Well, because…um…because I said so!

Me: That only works on your kids – try again.

Me: It just seems so…so wrong! Shouldn’t a cute and perfectly put-together outfit be a prerequisite to a great workout?

Me: Uh, yeah – think about who you’re talking to here – we don’t have any perfectly put-together outfits.

Me: Oh yeah, I forgot. But really? Working out in jeans? It’s just so…so… ODD!

Me: You and I both know that if you don’t work out RIGHT NOW, it ain’t gonna happen for the rest of the night, so just suck it up and go workout RIGHT NOW! GO!! Jeans and all!

Me: Okay fine! But if I chafe it’s all your fault!

And that is why I did 25 minutes on my elliptical in my jeans and long sleeve shirt and tennis shoes (with no chafing). So next time you want to use the excuse of NOT being dressed for a workout – sorry, I just killed that excuse for you. Deal with it. 😉

Oh, and because DM and Mizfit both suggested keeping my finger above my heart when I work out, I did. At first I held my hand above my head like an over-eager 2nd grader who is sure she knows the answer (Oh! Pick me Teacher!!!! I know! I know!), then my arm got tired and I held my hand up as if I was being sworn in to my work out (I, Jill, do solemnly swear to half-heartedly enjoy this workout), and then I decided to lean my hand against the wall, but that just made me look like a lazy worker-outer, so then I ended up with my hand ON TOP of my head because my arm suddenly weighed a thousand pounds and I just could not hold it up on my own anymore. The throbbage was minimal, but I gotta say, that was one of the weirdest workouts I have ever, um…worked out.

But hey, it’s Friday so it’s all good!

Have a great weekend!