I’d like to take a moment of silence

to mark the passing of my youth.



RIP Full and Luscious Hair. I found my first gray hair last night. And then I found another one. I noticed that my hair was dryer than normal and my scalp has been a little bit itchy lately, but I never expected to see gray! Okay, so should I shell out the bucks and have Tanya (my hair stylist) color it, or should I just rely on Miss Clairol? Hear me now and believe me later, but I’ve never colored my hair, so these hair-coloring waters are new territory for me (can water be considered territory?).

And speaking of my dying youth, I have officially become an old curmudgeon (I love that word) because I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes. Back in the day, I didn’t care if the shoes were lined with barbed wire, if they were cute, I would wear them. Now however, comfort comes first. I went shopping the other day and I tried on many, many pairs of shoes, but they were all so uncomfortable that I had to turn them down. These were not heels, people! No, these were cute little flats, and cute little sporty tennis shoes, and cute little boots that just didn’t cut it for me! I finally settled on a pair of Dr. Scholl’s black wedge loafer-type shoes – very cute AND very comfortable. But I never thought I’d live to see the day when comfort wins out over cuteness. *sigh*

Oh! And another sign of my decaying youth: I cannot eat McDonald’s anymore. I had to take the kiddos to the orthodontist yesterday (here’s a bit of great news: I’m going to have two kids in braces at the same time! Life just keeps getting better every dang day!), and by the time we got out of there, we were all starving and had a few more errands to run, so I caved and went through the drive-thru. I had two cheeseburgers and a few fries (have they always been so salty and greasy???) and half of a coke. By the time we finished our errands and got home I was so tired that all I could do was lay down on the couch and do nothing (okay, well I painted my nails, but that was about it). I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired, but then it occurred to me: all that grease and fat and just plain nastiness that is McD’s must not be jiving too well with my system. So, no more Mickey D’s for me. Fare thee well, youth, fare thee well.

Okay, I’m gonna go grab my walker and head over to the bingo hall now. Maybe I’ll win the door prize of the lifetime supply of Polident and Depends (which seriously, might be in my future as well – don’t even get me started on the betrayal of my bladder).  Have a great day, Youngin’s!!

12 thoughts on “I’d like to take a moment of silence

  1. Welcome,welcome,my friend, to the bingo hall of life! Just yesterday as I ran (trudged) along the side of the road, I thought to myself, I need to find some older bloggers that can relate to me. And now I realize, you will all be there eventually. I just need to be there to welcome you to the fold!

    The shoes–when I lost the weight, I went nuts with the heels. And I will still wear them occasionally to church, where I don’t have to stand for very long. But otherwise, its comfort all the way for me.

    I don’t know what to tell you about coloring your hair. I used to streak it myself, just lighten the blond. But that doesn’t color gray. And I decided to just see if I could live with the gray,because I actually don’t like the texture of a lot of women’s hair who are 60 or so and have colored their hair forever. That said, a lot of gray hair definitely ages you. I don’t mind mine because my hair is light enough or there is still enough color to it.

  2. I so, so, so, feel your pain (though I’m in my mid 40’s . . . NOT my 50’s AVON LADY!!!! . . . sorry) just posted about feeling . . . er. . . a wee bit . . . ancient. . . ahem.

    Don’t fret – a weekly deep conditioning and Clairol/L’Oreal every six weeks and you won’t even notice the grays.

  3. Oh my dear friend.
    I have colored my hair since the beginning of my youth. I usually don’t venture too far from my reddish hair, too dark is bad for me and too light makes me look like a zombie. But I get blondish highlights and copper reds and I always feel like a brighter version of myself. Fortunately I’m like my dad, who at 57 is sporting hardly any gray at all…mom and her family start graying heavily at 30. Thank You Dad!
    Grab a girlfriend and hit the salon!
    Also, Morrocan Oil is a lifesaver. Don’t look at the price, just get some. It’s a womderful oil that your hair drinks up, use it on wet or dry hair. Awesome. Also protects against heat, which some of us curly haired divas have to resort to sometimes.

  4. Welcome to the club. I remember being really upset when I found my first gray hair at the ripe old age of 20! I’m over it now but so lucky to have a brother who is a colorist ’cause I’d never be able to do it myself.

    I wouldn’t dip into the hair color for ONE gray hair though but when you do jump into the coloring pool I would have your stylist do it or just use a light rinse to cover the gray.


  5. It happened to me this summer. I turned 30 & just had my second baby. And my first gray hair. I didn’t tell a soul-but I have caught myself staring at my older sister’s hair looking to see if she has any. =)

  6. Welcome to my world. I started getting a bit of grey when I was 29 or 30. I was so bummed. But that’s what hair color is for right?!

    I hear you 100% on the McD’s making you feel wiped out. I honestly don’t think I could eat it again. Ever.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I feel you. Some days I feel so *says in a hushed voice* middle aged! And then other days I don’t. Weird.

    My hairdresser found my first grey the day after I broke up with a boyfriend. I was 27. Nice. So be thankful that you’ve had so many grey-free days. I’ve had it professionally colored from time to time, but I’m contemplating hitting the box next. Or just letting the grey go. Grey is the new black, yes?

  8. My doctor just called and said my total cholesterol is 280, they called me in medication and I am suprised and scared. I thought I was healthy as a horse. I am never sick and tired, I only went for a checkup to please my family. I am not the type of man who lives on drugs and I don’t want to start. You are totally right, some of my friends started out with one medication and now they have bags full, cabinets full, wherever they keep them. Quite a few take 3 a day, some 2 a day and they are getting unhealthier all the time. I am the health fanatic. I thought I was exercising and eating healthy, I am the one always giving advice. Work out, don’t eat steak, take fish oil. I am so concerned, because I don’t want to become one of them. I will not. I go back to my doctor in 2 months, he is in for a surprise, I intend to reduce my cholesterol through diet (with coconut oil!) and exercise. I know I can do this. I will get back to you and keep you up to date.

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