It’s Friday! Yea!

I’m kind of worried about myself because I’m starting to talk to myself and inanimate objects – not so weird, lots of people do that right? Except that I talk to things as if I were blogging about them. Like I’m talking to you now, I just had a conversation with my jacket about its pockets. Yeah, I’m sure there’s a straightjacket in my future somewhere.

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Remember Mary Lou? I still use her every day and today I heard those magical words “You have lost 10 Pounds!!!” and the music and cheering were awesome!! I’ve had this scale for almost a year and this is the first time I got to hear her say that. When I got it, I weighed 160 so I figured now I weigh 150 (because 160 – 10 pounds = 150. I know, I’m pretty much a math wizard). Of course I immediately got out the old scale thinking it would read 150 pounds, except that it didn’t. It read 155, which is what I weighed yesterday afternoon on the Nurse Nazi’s scale. So I’m happy and confused and concerned that maybe my math isn’t as good as I thought. I know for sure that I weigh somewhere between 150 and 155 so I guess that will have to be good enough for now!

I just deleted a whole paragraph about how amazing the s-e-x is between my husband and I these days because this really isn’t that kind of blog, but I just want to give a shout out to middle-aged married relations because…WOW!

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Aw crap!! I just realized that I totally missed my 2 year blogiversary!! On September 6, 2007 I posted the first of many ramblings. That was back in the day of my Intuitive Eating experiment, and only the beginning of lots of other experiments. I love how far I have come in that time and I wouldn’t trade this blog for anything. I have learned so much from you guys. Seriously, if I hadn’t entered the blogosphere I would have given up a looooooong time ago and I would probably be 200+ pounds, depressed, and feeling sorry for myself today. So thanks for reading me and commenting and offering advice, and for putting up with my weird sense of humor for 25 months. You guys are awesome.

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Have a great weekend everyone!!