Remember when I did this review a few months ago?

Well it seems those POMwonderful folks are at it again – this time in the form of tea. I wasn’t sure what to expect from POMx tea, I mean I liked the POM juice and all, but tea? Tea seems to be all the rage these days, so I thought I would give this tea made from pomegranates a try. I hollered at my kiddos assembled my team, and we did our own taste test/review of 5 different POM tea flavors.

The first thing I liked about this tea is the name: POMx Tea, the Antioxidant Super Tea! Sounds like a drink that would be served at the Hall of Justice, right?! I’ll bet this is how Wonder Woman has kept her girlish figure all these years! Anyway, who wouldn’t feel like a superhero after drinking something called Antioxidant Super Tea!?! So the kiddos and I my super elite team of taste testers tasted these five flavors:

Pomegranate Lychee Green POMx Tea (sounds fancy, huh?)

Pomegranate Peach Passion White POMx Tea (that name makes me feel naughty-teehee!)

Pomegranate Blackberry POMx Tea (blackberry is so cool, it doesn’t need a fancy moniker)

Light Pomegranate Hibiscus Green POMx Tea (whew that’s a mouthful!)

Light Pomegranate Wildberry White POMx Tea (Wildberry is Strawberry Shortcake’s evil twin sister – betcha didn’t know that, did you?)

The last two teas are light, as in low calorie – 35 calories per 8oz serving. The others have 70 to 80 calories per 8 oz serving.

The hands-down favorites were the Wildberry White tea and the Blackberry Tea – both were very tasty and delicious. I kind of liked the Peach Passion tea because it ignited a desire in me that I thought had long since died tasted crisp and refreshing. The Lychee and the Hibiscus teas were good, but had a very herbal aftertaste which I didn’t particularly care for, but some people might really like. All of these teas need to be refrigerated, so if you are taking them on the go, they really need to be in a cooler. If you are really into tea, you should give these a try – there are more flavors than just what I tried, so there should be a tea for every taste.

You can go here if you want more information about these teas, and while you are there look around the site – there’s a lot of information about all of their products.

And because I want you to experience the awesomeness of being a superhero, I am giving away a coupon for a FREE BOTTLE of POMx Tea!  Woohoo!  For a chance to enter this lovely giveaway, please leave a comment telling what you’re superhero name is and why. Winners will be chosen by random number generator on Friday(9/25/09) afternoon at 1pm CST and announced soon thereafter.

Wonder Blogger powers activate!