Confession UPDATE!!!!

Check this out y’all!

I emailed a link to my Pond’s Towelettes review to the lovely Katie of the POND”S project and she FREAKED OUT* when she saw how many of you (us) don’t wash your faces at night, so she offered this awesome giveaway:

A free package of POND’S Towelettes to one of YOU!!  Woohoo!! How cool is that?




In addition to the towelettes, one lucky winner will also receive this super cute Nantucket makeup bag PLUS a water bottle PLUS a gym towel!  (Maybe that’s a hint that you should take your towelettes and use them after your work out at the gym????)

So here’s what I’m going to do:  if you left a comment on the original post, you won’t need to do anything, I’m going to go ahead and put your names in the hat. If you didn’t comment on the original POND’S post, you can comment on this one and I will put your names in the hat as well.  If you choose to comment on both posts, well that’s all fine and dandy but it won’t get you an extra entry – sorry!  You have until 3pm tomorrow (9/18/09) CST to enter – I’ll announce the winner tomorrow between 3 and 4pm (barring any unforseen circumstances) so get to commenting!  Any old comment will do, except ya know, keep ’em clean okay?!  🙂


*and by FREAKED OUT I mean she calmly said, “hey do you think your readers would like a giveaway too?” or something to that effect… (melodramatic, much?)

7 thoughts on “Confession UPDATE!!!!

  1. that is so cool! that is so nice of them…to be soooo horrified that so many of us hygene challenged women need help~~


    sign me up!
    (but not twice cuz I am already on yesterday’s comments)
    it’s almost FRIDAY…..

  2. I am one of those who doesn’t wash my face at night – but I do after I workout.

    Would love to win and have some inspiration for washing my face more frequently.

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