peaceful whispers

Right now, at this moment, I am  happy. I am content.

I slept in this morning and enjoyed some knitting along with my coffee.

I watched a funny movie with my kids.

I took a wonderfully refreshing nap for one hour and fifteen minutes.

I ate an apple with peanut butter instead of cookies for my snack.

My girls are putting on a pretend dance recital in the kitchen – the sound of them playing together makes me smile.

My son is outside playing in the lightly falling rain. I wonder what he is thinking in his 12 year old head.

My husband is napping in the bedroom.

The weather outside is very cool – fall is whispering to me. Whispers of golden leaves, caramel apples, and warm sweaters bring  peace to my soul.

I am happy and blessed.

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  1. It sounds like a perfect weekend 🙂

  2. Hold onto that feeling as long as you can. Too bad you can’t bottle it and sell it – you’d be rich.

  3. Great post! Does this mean the “transformation” is complete?

  4. SO GLAD you had a day like that. We all need them once in a while. And whispers of fall–they have made me happy too these past few days. I am praying that this will carry you through a hectic Monday!

  5. it’s the sweetest little moments isn’t it….that make life spectacular!

    I wonder all the time what goes on in my childrens’ minds….just a peek….would love to hear their inner monologues….

    they’re probably cursing my name!


    Happy weekend to you

    so what’cha knitting?

  6. it’s great to find happiness and peace in the little things.

  7. Sounds like a beautiful day!

  8. Beautiful. If only every day could be that way!

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