peaceful whispers

Right now, at this moment, I am  happy. I am content.

I slept in this morning and enjoyed some knitting along with my coffee.

I watched a funny movie with my kids.

I took a wonderfully refreshing nap for one hour and fifteen minutes.

I ate an apple with peanut butter instead of cookies for my snack.

My girls are putting on a pretend dance recital in the kitchen – the sound of them playing together makes me smile.

My son is outside playing in the lightly falling rain. I wonder what he is thinking in his 12 year old head.

My husband is napping in the bedroom.

The weather outside is very cool – fall is whispering to me. Whispers of golden leaves, caramel apples, and warm sweaters bring  peace to my soul.

I am happy and blessed.

9 thoughts on “peaceful whispers

  1. SO GLAD you had a day like that. We all need them once in a while. And whispers of fall–they have made me happy too these past few days. I am praying that this will carry you through a hectic Monday!

  2. it’s the sweetest little moments isn’t it….that make life spectacular!

    I wonder all the time what goes on in my childrens’ minds….just a peek….would love to hear their inner monologues….

    they’re probably cursing my name!


    Happy weekend to you

    so what’cha knitting?

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