Where did the week go?

Wow, it’s already Thursday. That’s good because that mean the 3 day weekend is that much closer! Yeehaw!!

For some reason, a few Blogger blogs won’t let me comment (Doc Manette and Jenn – I’m looking at you). So if I normally post on your blog, and you notice I haven’t commented in a while, that’s why. I’m still reading, just unable to comment, which makes me sad because I love to hear myself talk leave comments.

I’ve been reading a lot of new-to-me blogs lately, and I’m getting ready to update my blogroll. If you want me to include you on my blogroll, let me know. Or if you specifically DON’T want me to include you, let me know that too. Or  if I added your blog and you want me to take it off, let me know that as well. Or if I added you and then took you off, and then you changed your mind and decided you do indeed want to be included in the exclusive club of “Blogs Read By Jill”, let me know that and I will add you back on. Cause I’m easy like Sunday morning. (Not easy that way…well okay I am easy that way, but only since I’ve been married.)

One of the “new” blogs I’ve been reading is Jack Sh*t Gettin Fit. Does everyone else know about this guy except me? Am I tardy to the party or what? This guy is great. He’s funny and he’s very insightful. This post is awesome. Really, please go read it…now…and then come back…I’ll wait. Go! Go now!!




See? Good stuff, huh? He’s been added to my Google Reader, and will be added shortly to my blog roll, unless of course he doesn’t want to be, but that would make me sad, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to make anyone sad on purpose.

I’ve been listening to Dr. Laura on the drive home from work lately, and even though I have mixed emotions about her (she scares me a little bit when she’s mean, but sometimes she is right on the money), I find myself drawn to what she will say next. For instance, the other day she had a caller who wanted to know why she couldn’t lose weight (oh man, don’t questions like that just make you want to cringe, because you KNOW Dr. L is going to get all over her), and Dr. L’s answer caught me by surprise. It’s honestly not something I had heard before, but makes total sense. Basically, she said it’s because she (the caller) like so many others (me) didn’t know how to endure suffering. Endure the suffering. Suffer through it. Yes, it’s painful to Just Say No to the chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles, but if you can suffer through that initial wanting, then you’re already ahead of the game. Yeah it sucks to have to get off the couch and go work out, but you suffer through it because you know that ultimately you will be better off in the long run. Suffering is just part of the game when it comes to breaking bad habits, and really, being overweight is (most of the time anyway) just a result of some bad habits that we picked up. I know I sometimes feel like having to suffer is a personal affront, like it shouldn’t happen to me (I think that comes from being the baby of the family – someone was always there to make sure the problems would always be taken care of. I even wrote a post about it one time), so I get almost offended when I have to suffer a little. It’s crazy and naïve, I know, but that’s how I feel sometimes, so the idea of actually embracing and enduring the suffering is a new idea for me. I also think that sometimes I feel a sense of entitlement – like I shouldn’t have to suffer – I’m entitled to that Ding Dong because (insert excuse here), which is total BS I know, but anyway that’s just me. So I’m going to explore this idea of being a big girl and just dealing with the suffering. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh and something else Dr. L said yesterday, was interesting. She was talking to a mom about her 14 year old daughter. The mom was very wishy washy and whiney, and DL told her that she needed to be strong and assertive (or something to that effect)  so that she could take better care of her daughter. Then she said this: “The more respect your daughter has for you, the better she will treat herself.” Read that again…The more respect your daughter has for you, the better she will treat herself. No matter what your opinion is on DL, don’t you think that’s brilliant? Just a little nugget for you to ponder on today!

So tell me, what did you think of Jack’s post? What are your opinions on Dr. Laura? What are doing this 3 day weekend? What should I get my sister for her birthday? Please chime in with answers to any and all questions!

10 thoughts on “Where did the week go?

  1. Your more than welcome to add me to your blog roll if you want.

    I recently started reading Jack Sh*t. Funny and good stuff there is right. Glad you’ve found him.

  2. Loved Jack’s post. So true. Yet another blog to add to my Reader!

    You know, I’m not a fan of hers, but those are some good points that Dr. Laura made. Especially on endurance of suffering. Not to get too “woo woo” on y’all, but a number of spiritual traditions acknowledge that (1) suffering happens and (2) mindful endurance of suffering can be spiritually beneficial. (The practice of “offering it up” in Catholicism and tonglen practice in Buddhism come to mind.) I don’t think that doormat-style suffering that makes us subjugate our self-respect is beneficial, but stuff that happens (like getting caught in traffic) can be used to develop a sense of empathy of others that are suffering. I sometimes find it helpful to give it a spin like that when, oh, I’m feeling hunger or cravings and it’s not a good time for me to eat.

  3. ohhhh you can add me to your blogroll… that would be cool


    I think you pretty much included every possible consdideration folks could have on the topic of blog rolls…way to be so complete!

    WOW Dr. Laure peeved me off years ago when my teenager was a tot…saying working Mom’s should have kids and you don’t have your priorities in the right place.

    she made comments like that more than once and I had heard enough… I had to work than and I have to work now…for a little longer…it is what it is… I am still a good Mom and our son has a great life. (both of them)

    yikes almighty… that lady irks me.

    but yes a few good nuggets there from the queen of crazy!

    This weekend, we are having a bbq with my brother and his family and I am really looking forward to that. after that we are just chillin! I am probably gonna do some fun fall cooking and finding some fun new projects to start making (knitting)

    gift for your sis? My sister is young (22) and on her own and little on the cash side and I just decided when I see her next I am gonna stock her up on some of my fav supplements like good quality coconut oil, chia seeds and the like… stuff is pricey and I know SHE would love it…and maybe a gift card for Barnes n Noble…but she likes stuff like that.

    How about a treat of a car wash and a pedicure and lunch…that would make my WEEK!

    dunno your sis at all so these suggestions probably suck!


    Happy Thursday

  4. okay, typing too fast


    Dr. LaurA….and she said working MomS shouldN’T have kids
    appologies for bad typing and grammer and the like!


  5. It’s more fun to be tardy to the party because everyone is already loosened up with alcohol. I love Jack, he makes me laugh but I especially love his serious tough love posts.

    Hmmm…Dr. Laura might be onto something with the suffering theory.

    I’m heading up north for the 3 day weekend. Can’t wait to get out of the city.

    Sorry, no ideas on a birthday gift for your sister. I’d get her a big bottle of booze if she drinks, or maybe a gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi. Hard to say without knowing her.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  6. Hi Jill, I listen to Dr. Laura too, sometimes, when I am in the car. I used to listen to her on my drive home every night, but they moved her show to noon. Anyhoo, I agree with a ton of what she says, but I don’t like the way she treats some people. You can tell if she’s in a bad mood, and sometimes she is just unfair. And I always wonder when she gives them crabby advice if they take it as the gospel truth. Other times when people SHOULD take her advice, you know they won’t. Sometimes when I hear myself being a little too assertive or direct in how I talk to people, I think to myself, ‘you’ve been listening to Dr. Laura too much!’

    About JackShit, I hate his name. But I liked his post about time. Our time here on earth is extremely short. I had a sense of that even when I was young. I remember thinking when I was 20, well your life is 1/4 over now, you only have 3 more of these time slots to go. And the truth is, I had a real dread of death, and running out of time. But for a bit of time, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about heaven, and what it will really be like, and what I will do, and what I will see, etc. I really try to think of my life as a continuum, and not as having a finite amount of time, or an ending. Its actually kind of fun to think about and to imagine.

    That’s funny about you being the baby of the family, and having 3 mothers. I was the oldest, and my name was ‘mother number two…’

    Ooh, the three day weekend…it is actually the beginning of a short ‘at home’ vacation for me, and I am planning to do a lot of outdoor work. I really hope the weather will cool down a bit.

    Have a great time with your family.

  7. He is really great isn’t he? Did you read Merry Merry’s post about meeting him in Memphis and going walking with him? It was a couple of days ago!

    I’m going to work on actually getting a blogroll going, so if you’d put me on yours I’d appreciate it. I’ll add you. When I first started blogging I added a couple of blogs, and then haven’t done one single thing!

    Have a great weekend!

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