I got the Honest Crap, I mean Scrap Award!

Hey kids! Happy Wednesday to ya!

Um…I’ve got nothing remotely interesting to say. Just thought I’d pop in say hi.




Butterfly Girl bestowed upon me a wonderful award –


Isn’t it purty?

I’m supposed to tell you 10 things about myself, and then pass this award on to other bloggers, but since I’m short on time today, I’m going to give you permission to award yourself this…award (allow myself to introduce…myself – anyone?). So if you want it, it’s yours!

Okay, on to the TEN THINGS YOU MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT ME (and probably won’t care about anyway):

1) I’ve never eaten crab legs or lobster. I’m more of a shrimp and scallop girl – I like my food to not have potentially deadly claws that could snap off a finger.

2) Brad Paisley’s music makes me swoon. He writes the best love songs.

3) When I was in college, my roommate and I used to walk for 45 minutes every day – we were like the USPS, it didn’t matter how hot or cold it was outside, when 5 o’clock came – we were hitting the pavement. We were also tiny and toned!

4) I used to be a punk. In junior high, my bff Kristy and I thought we were Punk. We had spiky hair and wore black a lot. I grew out of that phase before high school, but Kristy wanted to keep “punkin out”. We grew apart after that. Sad.

5) I met my husband because he was holding a dog. If it weren’t for that dog, we might have never met.

6) I have a family member who is going to be on TV next year, but I’m not supposed to talk about it. Dangit!!

7) I have an unnatural fear of crunchy bugs. Spiders and snakes don’t bother me (much), but you put a beetle in front of me and you will see a grown woman throw a hissy fit (it ain’t pretty).

8) One of the best conversations I’ve ever had with my mom was when I spent an entire evening asking her about all the different decades she has lived through. She was a teenager in the 50’s, a new mom in the 60’s, a working mom during the women’s movement of the 70’s, and the mom of a teenager in the 80’s. It was really interesting to talk about.

9) If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would quit my job and become a writer. Or a stand up comedian. Or Oprah.

10) A couple of years ago, I had a friend who confided in me that she and her husband were swingers. My others friends think she was trying to “recruit” my husband and I. I didn’t stick around long enough to find out – I cut off contact with her after that conversation because, um… AWKWARD!

Okay that was a really random list, but it was all I could come up with on the fly. Remember, if you want the award, have it! I’ll share my Honest Scrap with anyone who wants it! 🙂


Sunday ramble

No, not scramble!  RAMBLE!


Hi!  Surprised to see me on a Sunday? Me too, but I have  a lot of thoughts swirling around and the best way for me to sort them out is by pounding them out on the keyboard. I used to think with a pen and listing things out, but nowadays I find that having your feedback really helps me nail down what I want to do. 


So the cash-only thing is hard!  I do have the check book that I can use,  so really I’m not cash-only, but I’m trying not to use it unless I have to.  I didn’t realize how much I relied on the debit card – I have a feeling I’ll be making a lot of trips to the ATM. My biggest fear is that I’ll be somewhere and I won’t have enough cash to cover my purchases, and then I’ll have to  deal with the awkwardness of apologizing to the cashier and then putting things back – I HATE THAT!!!!  Makes me feel…desperate and…trashy, like “I don’t have enough money for milk and bread because I spent it all on beer and cigarettes” even though I don’t smoke and rarely drink (margaritas are my drink of choice). Does any of this make any sense at all???? I loves me some money anxieties!

Have you all noticed that my blog is becoming less and less about weight loss and more about “what idiotic thing is running through Jill’s brain today”?  Apologies to the weight loss world, but I got a lotta of other stuff besides weight loss on the brain these days – but maybe working through this other stuff will help me sort out some of the weight loss issues too?

Okay speaking of weight loss – I ate a lot of cake yesterday. It was Sarah’s birthday Friday, and yesterday we had a small family party with the most delicious cake. I didn’t make myself sick on it or anything, but I did eat my fair share.  However, I knew that I was going to be eating cake, so I made sure I got my 30 minutes in on the elliptical, plus after the party when everyone had left, Mallory wanted me to come outside and play with her. I swung her on the swings and then we all got on the trampoline. I haven’t been on the trampoline in ages because I always got so tired and winded after just a few jumps, but yesterday I stayed on for a good half hour jumping almost continuously.  We played Cry Baby Cry Baby, Hi Baby Hi Baby, and Mermaid and the Seaweed, which are all suspiciously similar games in which one person has to chase everyone else around the trampoline.  But when you are 4 years old and you are making the rules, that’s how it goes. If you want a good cardio workout, find the nearest 4 year old and do whatever she says. She could have gone on for hours, but mama was parched and tired and her thighs were hurting from all that bouncing, so we came inside and watched Shrek. It was a pretty good day.

Okay, so here’s the thing that I’m trying to reconcile:   I’m trying to balance convenience with frugality and I can’t decide how to do it (what? You were expecting something more serious?).  For example, I’m really horrible about mopping my kitchen floor.  I think that if I had something like one of those Wet Jet thingies (yeah that’s the technical term), it would be easy to just grab it and mop the floor really quick when I have a few minutes, but there’s the expense of the cleaning solution and the pads that go with it.  I hate to keep paying for things like that, but on the other hand, filling the sink with water and doing a full on mop, seems like a HUGE chore and so it doesn’t get done until I just can’t stand it anymore. Oh, and in a fit of rage mild annoyance I threw away my cheap-ass mop a couple of weeks ago, so I’m going to have to buy SOMETHING soon.  Another example: the kids bathroom.  If you have kids, especially boys and/or preschoolers, you know how absolutely disgusting the bathroom can get in a short amount of time.  If I were to buy those disposable cleaning wipes, then the kiddoes could just grab one and wipe down the counters, etc quickly on a daily basis.  But again, there’s the expense of replenishing that supply every few weeks. I don’t want to shell out lots of money for cleaning supplies, but I want my house to be clean and I want it to be convenient enough that it will get done in a timely manner.  Should I just deal with the expense for the time being until we all get into the habit of cleaning regularly or just forget the convenience and do what I can when I can get to it?  Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

Well, I guess that’s all I got for today.  I’ve got a lot of clutter and laundry to deal with today so I guess I had better get to it. It’s noon and I’m still in my pjs, however, I have already cut some coupons and made a menu and a shopping list for this week, AND I blogged, so I guess it’s been a fairly productive morning already!  Have a good Sunday!

Financially Immature

Okay so somebody in my household (I’m not naming names) has proven herself/himself to be completely irresponsible when it comes to handling money/a checkbook/paying bills on time. I mean, really…this person is almost 40, so you would think this person would know better than to bounce 5 checks at one time. This person should also know that paying bills late results in late fees. This person should also know that just because she/he has direct deposit in place that doesn’t guarantee the money will always be there. This person should also quit writing checks and hoping against hope that they won’t clear before the next deposit goes through. This person also needs to quit using the damn debit card if she/he can’t remember to write down the charges in his/her checkbook!




This person had to ‘fess up and sheepishly tell the spouse what she/he had done. This person also had to admit to herself/himself that she doesn’t know a damn thing about managing money. That was a hard one to admit y’all. Not that this person was me, but ya know, I’m just saying.


*hangs head in shame* Okay, so it was me. I. Screwed. Up. BIG TIME.


I got my first checking account when I was 20 years old and I had no idea that you were supposed to subtract the bank service charges from your account. I bounced a rent check and I learned my lesson. I didn’t bounce another check for many, many years. For some reason, and really I have no idea what is going on with me, the last two years I have been overdrawn on my account countless times (seriously, I tried to count them and I decided to quit at 20) – I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve paid in insufficient funds.

I’m a smart woman. I have a college degree. I’ve raised 3 kids and haven’t killed them, so I must be somewhat responsible, right? SO WHAT THE H*LL IS GOING ON WITH ME??????

For the first time in my life, I let my husband tell me what to do and all I said was “okay”. He is taking over the bill-paying and the checkbook. My debit card has been cancelled and is now specifically an ATM card. I am on a cash-only basis now y’all. And the thing is, I was happy to hand it all over to him. I didn’t make excuses or try to argue my case, I just said “okay, whatever you think is right, I’ll do it”. I think he was shocked, stunned, surprised and any other “s” word that there is, because I am famous for arguing excusing explaining my actions so that he would see things my way. Only this time, I knew that my way wasn’t working, so I had no other choice than to let go of the reins and let him take over.

It kills me, KILLS ME, to admit that he is right. I would rather stab myself in the eye with a knitting needle than to admit that maybe he knows what he’s talking about, but lately, I am realizing that he actually IS right a lot of the time – which annoys me to no end, but also allows me to relax and NOT feel like I have to be in control of everything.

I know that this some how is related to my view of eating and weight loss too – I think a lot of the time, when you are out of balance in one area of your life, you are out of balance in other areas too. I had to let go of those reins also and ask my doctor for help with losing weight, and that is going well, so maybe I’ll get my money-head straightened out as well eventually. I guess the next area I really need to tackle is the Spiritual one: we haven’t been to church since July and it is so hard to get back into the habit. I miss it, but to be honest I have never really felt like a part of my church. I love love love the pastor, and a lot of my kids teachers go to this church, but I have never felt like we are missed when we aren’t there. I don’t know, I’ll figure something out.

Okay well, aren’t you glad you stopped by today so I could spill my personal guts all over the place?! I know it’s considered bad manners to discuss money issues, but why? Why is it such a taboo subject? Most people have financial issues, why can’t we talk openly about them and help each other out? Just wondering.

Happy Thursday gang! It’s almost the weekend – SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to enter the POMx Tea giveaway in yesterday’s post!

The tea of superheroes

Remember when I did this review a few months ago?

Well it seems those POMwonderful folks are at it again – this time in the form of tea. I wasn’t sure what to expect from POMx tea, I mean I liked the POM juice and all, but tea? Tea seems to be all the rage these days, so I thought I would give this tea made from pomegranates a try. I hollered at my kiddos assembled my team, and we did our own taste test/review of 5 different POM tea flavors.

The first thing I liked about this tea is the name: POMx Tea, the Antioxidant Super Tea! Sounds like a drink that would be served at the Hall of Justice, right?! I’ll bet this is how Wonder Woman has kept her girlish figure all these years! Anyway, who wouldn’t feel like a superhero after drinking something called Antioxidant Super Tea!?! So the kiddos and I my super elite team of taste testers tasted these five flavors:

Pomegranate Lychee Green POMx Tea (sounds fancy, huh?)

Pomegranate Peach Passion White POMx Tea (that name makes me feel naughty-teehee!)

Pomegranate Blackberry POMx Tea (blackberry is so cool, it doesn’t need a fancy moniker)

Light Pomegranate Hibiscus Green POMx Tea (whew that’s a mouthful!)

Light Pomegranate Wildberry White POMx Tea (Wildberry is Strawberry Shortcake’s evil twin sister – betcha didn’t know that, did you?)

The last two teas are light, as in low calorie – 35 calories per 8oz serving. The others have 70 to 80 calories per 8 oz serving.

The hands-down favorites were the Wildberry White tea and the Blackberry Tea – both were very tasty and delicious. I kind of liked the Peach Passion tea because it ignited a desire in me that I thought had long since died tasted crisp and refreshing. The Lychee and the Hibiscus teas were good, but had a very herbal aftertaste which I didn’t particularly care for, but some people might really like. All of these teas need to be refrigerated, so if you are taking them on the go, they really need to be in a cooler. If you are really into tea, you should give these a try – there are more flavors than just what I tried, so there should be a tea for every taste.

You can go here if you want more information about these teas, and while you are there look around the site – there’s a lot of information about all of their products.

And because I want you to experience the awesomeness of being a superhero, I am giving away a coupon for a FREE BOTTLE of POMx Tea!  Woohoo!  For a chance to enter this lovely giveaway, please leave a comment telling what you’re superhero name is and why. Winners will be chosen by random number generator on Friday(9/25/09) afternoon at 1pm CST and announced soon thereafter.

Wonder Blogger powers activate!

Who knew?

Wow – who knew that ovulation could be as much of a biotch as PMS?  I checked my calendar and added up the days, and sure enough – I do believe I was ovulating.

So sorry to any male readers out there (Jack Sh*t, I think you’re the only one), but maybe you could look at this as a learning experience???

Anyway, so basically what this means is that now I get to be a crazy hag at least twice during the month? Woohoo!!  Won’t that be so much fun for everyone I love!  Really I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what brought all that on, and I really can’t think of anything else, so I’m going with the ovulating thing.  I had a feeling my hormones were out of whack , but didn’t know why. I felt much better yesterday and today I feel pretty much normal (as normal as I can be anyway). I didn’t work out last night because A) we had a big storm yesterday and it knocked the power out for a few hours and B) by the time the power came back on, the season premier of House was coming on and I had to watch it cause I got a thang for Hugh Laurie.  I’m so glad that I had the beans in the crock pot so we could at least eat a hot dinner – once in a while things work out in my favor! 

Tonight we are going bowling for Sarah’s birthday, which isn’t until Friday, but Shawn feels really guilty because he scheduled a trip for this weekend, not realizing her birthday was this weekend.  He planned the pizza/bowling thing, plus he is getting her a cake and is going to send her flowers to school on Friday – I told her to milk it for as long as she could!  😉  It’s been  a long time since I’ve been bowling, so I don’t know how much cardio I’m going to get tonight but I figure all the laughing we’re going to do tonight will make up for it – cause I am not a bowler, y’all.  It’s going to be ugly, but that’s okay, it’ll still be fun. 

Okay, I gotta get some work done this morning. Hope y’all have a lovely day!

It’s Bingetastic!

I weighed 152 pounds Saturday morning.

That lasted all of 45 seconds.

I went berserk this weekend y’all. I mean it was Bingetastic in every sense of the word. It was really weird actually. I felt like I was PMSing except that I’m not. Not anywhere near it, so I don’t know what was going on. My mood turned dark on a dime and I had a total attitude all weekend long that was fueled by Funfetti cake and Kraft caramels. I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. I snapped at my kids and poor Shawn stayed outside most of the time to get away from me. I was a whole lotta fun to be around! I didn’t even shower yesterday until 9pm (you’re welcome). I almost felt like something just wasn’t quite right, but I didn’t know what. Is it too early for Alzheimer’s to be settling in?

I finally gave myself a mental “SNAP OUT OF IT!” about 6 pm last night and I hauled my arse off the couch and clean the living daylights out of both bathrooms and then I did a hard 30 minutes on the elliptical and I even did some strength training (hence the late shower). I gingerly stepped on the scale this morning and was not surprised: 156.5. That’s 4.5 pounds in 48 hours. Yeah, that’s gotta be a record or something. I know from past experience that a few days of eating like a human and not a rhino, plus drinking lots of water and working out will help erase those 4.5 pounds, but dang! That was a crazy 48 hours even for me.

So, I’m guzzling my water and nibbling on carrot sticks and trying to just stay focused on work. I’ve got beans in the crock pot at home, so dinner is already cooked, which leaves me plenty of time to work out this evening. I’d really like to figure out what went wrong though – when I’m like that there is usually a reason. I’ll have to think on it some more and figure out where/when the snafu happened.