All is well in Sassyville

Okay so even though I didn’t get to bed early last night, today I am surprisingly well rested! I even woke up at like midnight…in a good mood. What’s up with that? Seriously, I woke up feeling all cheerful and then when I realized I could still sleep for 5 more hours, I was a little bit giddy. Is this how dementia starts, I wonder?

One thing that I forgot to mention about my boss in yesterday’s post is that he’s a redneck. Yep, he’s a bona fide Good Ole Boy, so if you go back and re-read those bossisms and imagine an Okie drawl, then you’ll really get an even better idea of why I call my office Hillbilly Hell. And yeah, I often wonder how he ended up in a position of leadership and authority…and why I’m working for him. Boggles the mind, I tell ya.

In all my snarky excitement yesterday, I forgot to mention that I got a blog award! The lovely and talented Jenn gave me this:

WMBS Award

 Isn’t it great?! Thanks Jenn – I really do appreciate it!! 🙂

Well we haven’t had a weight update in a while have we? As of this morning, I am down to 155 – can I get an awww yeah?! So that puts me 3 pounds away from my low of 152, and 5 pounds away from my short term goal of 150, and 15 pounds away from my official goal of 140, and 25 pounds away from my super-ultimate-but-probably-unattainable goal of 130. I would have been a lot lower by now, but exercise has come to a screeching halt the last couple of weeks. I’ve been staying active, just haven’t done much bucket-sweating-formal exercise, and that’s what really sheds the poundage for me (I don’t care what Time magazine says). Truth be told, I’m kind of bored with the elliptical, and I have the strangest urge to…run. GASP! SHOCK! AWE! I know, I know, every year about this time I say I want to be a runner, and I go on a couple of half-assed runs and then I stop running. But really? The Urge has been with me for a while now, and if I could just find a) a good location and b) the time , I would totally go running. Maybe I’ll carve out some time this weekend – who knows.

Okay well, time to get my hillbilly work done so I can make my hillbilly boss look good. I hope you all have a great Wednesday – we are halfway through the week!! Woohoo!

7 thoughts on “All is well in Sassyville

  1. I did it Jill. I went back and read that list with an Okie redneck drawl. And when I got to the one where he used two bossisms in one sentence “put a proclaimer in there that we aren’t reliable for that” I almost snorted my smoothie out my nose!

    Congrats on the weight loss! I already know you look fantastic (from your vacation pics) and can’t wait to see your glamorous self when you get to 150!

    Oh yeah, you should read Lori’s blog on how she became a runner. Real life inspiration.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhh is right! good for you!

    I ditched my scale…we’re not friends right now….

    I still think havin’ a redneck english butchering “boss” is more entertaining than a boss, who even today…is…OUT

    but it must be hard at times like…respecting….a boss who’s a dork!


    I got the itch to be a “hack” runner…. i jog at best…slow. but I am keeping at it and loving the challenge…but i had to get a treadmill because getting out is just not happening!

    Happy Day to you (it’s MY Friday….weeeehaaaaa)


  3. YAY for the loss girlie. You are going to pass me up on the way down.

    & did I hear the R word come out of your mouth???!!! I’m going to get all excited if you threaten to become a runner.

    Your hillbilly boss-isms are freaking hysterical.

  4. Ah yes, the running urge. I get that too. I also go for a couple half assed runs before I start thinking, “this is hard, and i suck.” Not the most positive message or self talk, I know, but that’s what I do. I look forward to the day when I can run and enjoy the process. I hear it gets easier over time…maybe i should try more than three runs before I expect to be good at it!

  5. i live in rural pennsylvania, so the accent isn’t quite as amusing, but it still cracks me up everytime some redneck uses the wrong word for something but says it with complete confidence. makes me want to go door to door passing out dictionaries. but definately a top notch hilarious list of boss-isms. kudos.

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