Hey – I’m here. I’m in a full blown rage a little bit miffed at work right now, so the lovely post about “being confident” I had planned on writing today is on the back burner because I’m in a really snarky-pissy frame of mind right now.

Vacation was wonderful and I got some great little projects done at home, but being back at work has just reminded me of why I so desperately needed a vacation in the first place. I’ve never played the lottery before but I think I’m going to start with the hope that I’ll win big (at least big enough to pay off some debts) so I can kiss this rat race goodbye.

I have been reading your blogs, just haven’t’ had much time to comment, but please know that I’m keeping tabs on all of you and when I have caught up, I’ll be able to come visit and chat with you all a lot more.

Take care!