Just one more post before I go…

Okay I know I said I wouldn’t post anymore until I got back, but I just had this one thought in my head I needed to get out:  I’ve been eating a lot of crud lately. Food that I used to adore, like KFC and Doritos (and lots of other stuff I can’t think of right now) has been finding its way into my mouth, and much to my surprise – it just doesn’t taste good.  Food that used to make me melt with delight no longer even makes me moan. At all.  So I think I’m done. Really. It’s taken about two weeks of eating like this to make me realize that I don’t want to eat like this (I’m a slow learner).  Shawn and I had to go buy groceries for the trip last night and he wanted to stop in to KFC and get something to eat.  I swear, the food had no taste. It tasted so bland – totally not worth the calories.  When we got home I popped a cherry tomato from our garden in my mouth and WOW! the flavor and juice and pure awesomeness that flowed forth from said tomato was simply amazing.  So I think I’m just going to stop giving the crud food second (and third and fourth) chances in hopes it will taste better this time, and stick to the foods that I know are going to be full of flavor and be good for me as well.  We bought lots of good food for the trip last night – nuts, yogurt, fruit, cheese – so I’m ready to give crapfoods the boot.

Okay, that’s all. Just wanted to put that one out there.  Dangit the buzzer on the dryer just sounded, so it’s back to work. Almost done with laundry, and then the joy of packing begins. Oh joy.

Later gang!

5 thoughts on “Just one more post before I go…

  1. That’s mostly how I feel about fast food burgers. KFC still smells awful good when I walk by! But I haven’t had it for probably 3 or 4 years.

    Unfortunately, I don’t feel that way about sweets. I still want more of them when I indulge…

  2. This is such a big moment for you! To realize that you just don’t want junky food any more. It’s not that you crave it and are trying to resist it… you just don’t want it! Isn’t that a GREAT feeling?!? Congratulations.

  3. I’m totally with you girl. I was sitting here reading your post eating a filet mignon and vegetables for lunch. I looked down and all the damn vegetables were gone, and I was left with half the steak. When the hell did that happen???? Can’t really comment on the junk food because with the exception of homemade cookies at work on the Brunch, I just don’t eat it anymore. It offends my mind somehow. Now give me some fruit and yogurt or a good ‘ol pile of cashews or smoked almonds and I’m happier than a pig in shit…..

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