Aaaaand so I’m taking one.   We are going on a short 3 day vacay starting tomorrow so I won’t be around for the next few days.  Lots of relaxing, swimming, reading, hiking, knitting, and just general playing around is in our immediate future and I can’t wait! 

I just wanted to update you on the household chore thing:  something seems to have clicked in my brain.  Whereas before it was almost hard to ask my kids to do things, but now I just TELL them (in a nice way) that I need help with xyz, and lo and behold, they help!  Sometimes it takes a wee bit of prodding, but for the most part they haven’t given me any flack about it.  Just today I told my 12 year old son that his room had to be cleaned before bedtime, or else Mr. Nintendo DS would go into timeout for a week.  I told him at 2pm, and the room was clean(ish) by 8:30.  Of course he started at like 7:30, but I didn’t nag him – I was totally prepared to repossess the Nintendo DS, but I’m glad I didn’t have to. 

Okay, well I still have tons of laundry to do before we leave tomorrow, so I better get to it.  Have a good week and don’t forget to enter the applesauce giveaway!  🙂