Pictures don’t lie y’all

Oh crud. I make it a point to only have my picture taken when I look my absolute best and usually from the neck up. Yes, I’ve lost a lot of weight, but some recent pictures have made me realize that I still have a ways to go before reality catches up to my perception.  Oh, I think I should add that these photos came from my recent high school reunion.

Exhibit A

notice how my backside goes on and on...
notice how my backside goes on and on...

Exhibit B

notice the rounded back, flabby arms, and poochy tummy
notice the rounded back, flabby arms, and poochy tummy


And finally Exhibit C

Look how far south the "girls" are hanging! That's pitiful!
Look how far south the "girls" are hanging! That's pitiful!


So you might thinking, “well these pics don’t look so bad!” and you are right, they don’t. The thing that bothers me is that in my mirror (and in my head) I am two sizes smaller than this!  Seriously y’all, is there an opposite of anorexia?  Cause when I look in the mirror in the mornings, I’m thinking “how could I possibly get any smaller? I’m pretty smokin right now as it is!”  But seeing these pictures reminds me of my mom – my soft, rounded, 70 year old mother, which would be fine except that I’M NOT EVEN 40 YET!!!!! 




So I suppose I will keep plugging away with the cardio, but I’m also adding in some strength training and I am fo shizzle going to work on my posture (and I am upping my calcium intake because I see the first signs of osteoporosis in my rounded upper back).  Also I do believe a proper bra fitting is in order as well.  Gotta get those girls back up where they belong!

Okay, well I just needed to share that little freak out with all of you.  Thanks for listening.  Have a good day!  🙂

13 thoughts on “Pictures don’t lie y’all

  1. While I know this is all about how you feel, may I tell you what I see in those photos?

    I see someone who is happy, with a smile that fills her face. I see someone who is healthy.

    So maybe you need a better bra (if you’re so concerned about the girls heading south) and you’d feel better with more cardio etc, but honestly, you’re looking smokin!

    I have the same thing with my posture though – I think I’m standing up straight and then I see myself in a window and omg the rounded back! I’m working on it!

    1. Thanks Gem! I know I don’t look BAD, but I seriously thought I was smaller than this. It’s like taking a test and thinking you aced it, then getting it back with a big fat C+ written in red on it. Ugh!

  2. I see happy, young, and pretty.

    I get what you mean though. I’m not one of those I’m-so-fat women. When I look in the mirror I must be nipping and tucking because I think great. When I see pictures it tends to be an unwelcome reality check. There are worse curses, though, don’t you think?

    Am I Really That Fat?

    1. Thanks Lark! I agree – there are a whole lot other things I could be griping about (like the uber-tightness in my neck and shoulders, for one thing), but this was kind of a shock to the system.

  3. Ha, Jill! You and I have the same disease–opposite of anorexia! But seriously, doesn’t the camera add a few pounds? Like, did you think your friends looked in person just like they look in the picture?

    I agree with the strength training being important for the posture–it has made a big difference for me. (I worry about that old-lady hump-curve a lot.) I think yoga helped me with body awareness-posture too. Not that I do yoga right now.

    1. I’ve been thinking for a long time now of taking a yoga class. I have no flexibility whatsoever, and it would be great for my posture. I really need to get on the ball and just take the darn class already! 😉

  4. Wow, you are WAY too hard on yourself! You look so pretty in those pictures. You have a nice waist and good proportions.
    Strength training is great and will make you feel tight and toned, but you are really looking good!

  5. I agree with everyone else! I saw a pretty lady who was having a great time. What a great smile you have!

    I too, am shocked by pictures of myself or my reflection in the tv while I’m sitting on the couch – to me, I look bigger than Ruby.

  6. I think you look beautiful in those pictures.

    Sometimes I don’t recognize myself in pictures and think “am I really that big?” I think I have the same distorted body image reverse anorexia thing too.

    We are always hardest on ourselves though. Be good to your body and hopefully someday we’ll be comfortable with our photographic image.

    Keep the faith.

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