Hi Guys!

Just thought I’d pop in this morning to say and ask how you all are doing! So… how are you? Me, I’m okay. It was a short busy weekend filled with dreadful tasks, and yet this morning I am strangely satisfied and rested. I bought one of these on Friday and I LOVE IT! It is so much fun – everything in my house has been vacuum/sealed. It is awesome. It came with two rolls of paper and I have already went through 1 ½ rolls. We have enough squash and tomatoes in the freezer to last …well…a while anyway!

I spent most of the day Saturday doing that and decided I needed some knitting time, so I knit about 12 rows on a dishcloth that I am making – it is amazing to me how fulfilling it is to knit, even if just for a little while. I need to make time to knit at least a couple of times a week. It’s good for my head. Yesterday I spent about 3 hours cleaning the girls’ room and I got rid of a TON of toys – stuff they just no longer play with. I got their input on some things, and I learned the best way of doing this: at first I would just ask, “can we get rid of this?” and of course they would say “NO! I want to keep that!”, so I adjusted my strategy by holding up two toys and asking, “okay, which one can we get rid of?” and they would make a choice. Or I would say, go through all the Barbies and pick out 5 to get rid of (we have A LOT of Barbies), and pretty soon there would be 5 Barbies in the give-away bag. And then I told my 4 year old that all Barbies had to have clothes on (our Barbies are naked most of the time and it drives me crazy) so we spent at least 30 minutes choosing clothes and dressing the Barbies and I gotta say, I probably had more fun doing that than a 38 year old should have. I used to love putting different clothes on my Barbies when I was little. Anyway, by the time it was all said and done, two grocery bags full of trash and a trash bag full of give away toys were hauled out of that room. I even went through the books and got rid of the ones they no longer read (it kills me to get rid of books!!), so they now have room on the bookshelf for all the books. Their room consists now of baby dolls, Barbies, books, and a small toybox filled with stuffed animals and various dress up clothes. That’s it. I have done this every few months over the last year and probably have gotten rid of 75% of the toys in there – and they don’t even miss them. My plan is to make my way around the house and do the same thing – get rid of stuff. We have way too much stuff and all it does is stress me out. Next stop: my son’s room. Ugh.

Hey check me out! I made the list of Reader’s Choice Best Weight Loss Blogs at Cranky Fitness! Yeah, I’m glad there are still a few people left who will read my blatherings!

Okay, well I guess I should talk a little bit about weight loss then, huh? I do have something rambling in my brain, but I’m always hesitant to talk about it. It’s the pills I’m taking…you remember…the appetite suppressants? It’s such a taboo subject in the weight loss world and yet it seems to be the only thing that clicks for me. I have to say though I love these pills! Not so much because I’m able to control the munchies, but because it totally seems to help my brain! I’m serious – all the crazy food thoughts are gone and I can focus on doing other things like working out or whatever. I just don’t THINK about food all the time anymore. It has made me realize just how connected my stomach is to my brain and I’m not sure what to do with that information. I know I’m going to have to come off the pills at some point, but if I could, I would take them forever because the food voices are gone. I’m about halfway to my goal (I’m at 156 and want to get to 140) but I’m already wondering if I’ll be able to quiet the food voices once I reach goal. It will be interesting to say the least.

So that’s all I got for now. I’ve got a review of some tasty stuff coming this week so stayed tuned!!