First off, let me say that this book has nothing to do with fitness, health, exercise, or weight loss – it’s a Christian Romance. Secondly, let me say that I am not a fan of romance novels – I find them to be predictable and boring. So why did I choose to review a Christian romance? Because I am trying to get more in touch with my own faith, and surround myself with things that will uplift me instead of brining me down (evening news, I’m looking at you), and I needed a new novel to read as I had just finished one (I can’t even remember what it was) when Tina of BlogTourSpot emailed me to say Zondervan publishing would send me an advanced reader copy of  Tour de Force to review on my blog.

Isn't this cover gorgeous?!
Isn't this cover gorgeous?!


What intrigued me about this book was the first sentence in A Note From The Author on page 9. Elizabeth White (the author) writes, “As I wrote Tour de Force, I wanted to explore the fact that Christian artists in any field – music, dance, literature, art – often face tough decisions about how and where art infuses Christian lifestyle.” Ah, a romance with a bigger purpose! This is something I could get into.

The book did not disappoint. The characters are real – they are not picture perfect versions of an ideal. They falter, they show the uglier side of themselves, they express the darkness that hides in all of us. I found myself rooting for all of the characters, wanting the best for all of them, not just the main two love interests.

I’m not going to try and paraphrase the book for you; I want you to read it for yourself so you won’t have any expectations, good or bad. But I think this is a good book that addresses some real issues that Christians today face – how much do we share with our non-believing friends, how much should we tolerate/accept from non Christians, how do we live out our faith in every day situations? Honestly, I still have a whole lot of growing to do in my faith, but things like this help me to see what it’s like to be a Christian in action.

I didn’t learn until after I finished the book that it is connected to another book by Elizabeth White. The book Off the Record tells the story of Gilly’s older sister Laurel. I’m going to get this book and read it too, hopefully sometime soon.

So anyway, as for my little opinion on this book: it is definitely worth the read. It is interesting and fun and insightful – how I wish I could write something like this! I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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I hope you will get this book and read it – if you do, let me know how you liked it!  🙂