The Other Woman Stresses Me Out

Call it the ebb and flow of life, but just when my husband and I seem to be more in love with each other than we ever have been or could ever hope to be, the issue of the other woman comes up and causes an argument. My husband has been involved with this woman since before we were married (and no, it’s not my MIL), so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to me when she causes a stir, and yet I am always shocked at his attitude towards her. In his eyes, she is beautiful: long and sleek, but well rounded in all the right areas. She’s also red and very sparkly. And 21 ft long. Her name is Cobra and she is a bass boat.


(What? You didn’t really think I’d put up with him having an affair with an actual woman do you?)

Oh, the boat issue. I think I have mentioned before how passionate Shawn is about his hobbies – almost evangelical when it comes to the subject of bass fishing or hunting. I don’t mind that he loves his hobbies – I do however, mind how much money he spends on his hobbies. It’s a very sore subject and it’s the fight we have over and over and over again. Well very recently the Cobra was sick and had to go to the boat doctor to get fixed. Originally I was told the cost would be around $200. HA! When he went to pick up the boat yesterday the grand total was $800. EIGHT HUNDRED FRICKING DOLLARS. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if we had tons of money lying around just waiting to be spent and we didn’t have other bills that we needed to pay. But it’s a funny thing…whenever there is something that SHE needs, money is no problem. It can be scraped together rather quickly, but for things like, oh I don’t know, paying off the stupid student loans well “we just don’t have it right now”. So you can see why this causes us some tension.

**Let me just take a moment to say that his spending has never caused us to go without anything. He has a savings account that he regularly puts money into (and takes out when SHE needs it), and if things really got tough he would sell everything he had in a heartbeat. He is a very good provider, and if he didn’t have his hobbies he would be a stress-filled raving lunatic, so the boat money would probably be spent on therapy for him (or me).**

ANYWAY…I was pissed about the boat (again) and I really didn’t want to get into another argument about it (again), so instead I feverishly did some dishes and then grabbed my headphones and headed for the elliptical. I thought that a half hour of sweating might help get rid of the tension. I was wrong. It actually took 45 minutes on the elliptical and another 1 ½ hours of tuning everyone out while I worked around the house with my headphones on. Thanks to Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Duffy, and others, my mood was lifted and I was no longer angry by the end of the evening.

My original intent of this post was to wow you with my self control and to brag that I was on the elliptical for 45 minutes, but if you read back over this post, you might notice something is missing. I didn’t notice at first either, but was elated when I figured it out. Do you know what it is?


huh? Do ya?






I didn’t even think about it last night when it was happening. My first thought was that I needed to get on that elliptical before I said something mean and nasty. Food never even entered into the equation. Sweet Mother of Gouda, maybe all these healthy living blogs I’ve been reading are finally starting to sink in!

So that’s my Small Personal Victory for the day. What’s yours?

8 thoughts on “The Other Woman Stresses Me Out

  1. Whoa. I’m totally impressed that you actually used exercise as stress relief. I’ve heard about people doing that, but I thought it was like Sasquatch.

  2. Bravo!! I, too, have heard the legend of the woman who relieved stress with exercise, but heretofore, I thought it was an urban legend. Good to know it is TRUE!! Way to go. Guess blogging and reading do actually pay off. 🙂

  3. Uh, that’s a really BIG victory! As a fellow emotional / stress eater, I know just how much change had to happen in your head to want to work out rather than eat!!

  4. Yay to not stress eating! I haven’t been stress eating at all, ever since I stopped eating the foods that I would normally eat for stress relief! We are on a roll! You are more evolved than me, though, because I have not actually exercised as a direct result of stress.

    I am stressed about your other woman problem, but don’t really have a solution for you since that is not my area of expertise. I would wish for you to be able to come to an agreement/compromise on the boat because money is really a terrible breaker-upper in marriages.

    I am stressed, but I am not eating. There.

    1. I know what you mean about the marriage breaker-upper thing, and that’s one reason I chose to let that battle slide. He knows how I feel about it (I’ve made sure he knows EXACTLY how I feel about it), so reminding him again and again isn’t go to do either of us any good. And we are working on a solution – he knows he has screwed up where the boats are concerned, so I try to not compound the problem by nagging him about it.

      It’s all good Debby – we are very committed to each other and our marriage, so I look at this as one of those annoyances that all couples have to deal with! 🙂

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