So…the reunion was a huge blast and I am so glad I went! Was I the thinnest girl in the room? No. Was I the happiest? You betcha. There were plenty of women there who were thin and attractive and didn’t speak to anyone outside of their clique, and there were women who had gained a bunch of weight in the last 20 years and spoke to anyone who would make eye contact – which group would you rather hang with? I thought so, me too.

One thing I did learn is that there is a reason I don’t drink much anymore – it’s been 3 days and I still don’t feel like I have completely recovered. I really didn’t even drink that much, but the reunion was held at a bar that had an open courtyard and it was so HOT and HUMID! My hair was super cute when we got there, but an hour later it was curly and sticking to my forehead and neck. Have I ever mentioned that I am a sweater? I sweat profusely – just around my face mostly, so of course my makeup was melted off, but I didn’t really care. I think I drank more than I would have if we had been sitting inside, but we left before I did anything embarrassing…even though I seem to recall babbling incoherently to a guy that I wish I would have dated back in high school…oh crud. I can only hope he was too smashed too remember!

The only downside was…wait…insert tangent warning here…

My beloved Taco Stop was CLOSED!!! Not closed for good, just closed for vacation. Who the heck closes a business for two weeks in the middle of summer???? A family that owns and works the business together, that’s who! I was crushed and heartbroken, but I probably saved myself about 1000 calories by not being able to eat there. I will have Taco Stop some day, dangit, I WILL!!!

Anyway, the only other downside about the reunion was that there were so many people I wanted to say hello to that I really didn’t get a chance to sit down and visit with any one. I’m sure that if we had stayed for the whole shebang, there would have been more opportunities. It was a good experience though and I’m glad I caved to the peer pressure to go. There is already talk of a 25th reunion and I will definitely be attending the whole enchilada when that one rolls around!

Okay, enough about the reunion. We will return to our regularly scheduled ranting and raving about losing weight and working out tomorrow, or whenever.