I can finally chill


image credit: icanhascheezburger.com


Thank you all so much for your comments yesterday. I am feeling much better today, especially since I just talked to the kiddos and they are at gma’s house now. They said they had a good time, but they are ready to come home. Sarah told me that she cried after we left on Wednesday and I told her that was okay because I cried too – I almost started crying again on the phone because it just broke my heart! I’m going to pick them up after work today and we can all come home and RELAX. This has been a loooong week. Heaven help me, I have no idea how I’m going to handle it when they go off to college!! I’m so glad I still have a few years with them at home!

I’ll blog more this weekend – my list of “things I need to remember to blog about” is getting longer and longer!

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “I can finally chill

  1. Oh, that’s so good! I love that picture–it reminds me of how my little Sophie ‘hugs’ me (I know, pitiful, but its all I got LOL!

  2. This was the first time they’ve been away which is naturally going to be tough. As they gt older, they’ll cope better and you will too.

    That said, my mother still phones me every other day to say hi because she misses me and I miss her too. You’ll always miss them but it will be easier.

  3. late to the soiree but MAN could I feel your frettage and was glad to see all is ok.

    and Im with you.

    I can barely do moms morning out for 2 hours—how on earth will she be allowed 🙂 to go to elementary school let alone sleepovers let alone college??? 🙂

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