I’m definitely turning into a country girl

Happy 6th of July! Or as I like to call it “My Wedding Anniversary”.

1996 - so young!

 Yep, 13 years ago today I married that cute guy that I met at a Quail Unlimited banquet (think Ducks Unlimited, except instead of ducks, they have quail – yeah, weird, I know). We celebrated by going to Bass Pro Shops where I bought my sweetie a brand new rod and reel, and he is buying me a new comforter set for our bedroom just as soon as I decide which one I want (it won’t be coming from Bass Pro, trust me), which could take a while because I am notoriously indecisive about such things.  Having our anniversary on a Monday kind of sucks because, really who wants to celebrate anything on a Monday? We might go to dinner or something – we don’t have anything big planned, but that’s okay.  I’m just glad the marriage that started with a shotgun wedding has lasted this long! 😉


So, I promised you all some pics of the garden: voila!  This was the garden 3 -4 weeks ago (I can’t remember exactly)…

 June2009 002


 And here’s the garden as of last night:

grow, baby, grow!
grow, baby, grow!


 Big difference, huh?  Unfortunately the green peppers and carrots are having a hard time, but they are starting to show signs of life.  I think some of the squash are about ready to be picked – they’re getting big! 

I think it should be called "squish" - it's more fun to say
I think it should be called "squish" - it's more fun to say
some day soon, mater, you're going to be on my sandwich
some day soon, mater, you're going to be on my sandwich
fancy-shmancy watering system (no more hauling water for me!)
fancy-shmancy watering system (no more hauling water for me!)

There is a rotating sprinkler head on each corner of the garden so it all gets watered evenly. Nice, huh?  


 I forgot to take pictures of my knitting projects; I’ll save that for another day.  I have also discovered another fun new  pastime:  fishing!  Yes, to my husband’s delight, I have finally gotten over my fear of handling a live wriggling fish and am now able to not only catch fish, but actually take them off the hook and throw them back into the pond myself! This is a huge deal, trust me!  Here’s the pond where an assortment of fish live – we have lots of perch, some crappie, a few bass, and a large 21 pounds catfish named Walter swimming around in there.  I caught Walter one time about 5 years ago and have not seem him since. If we throw dog food into the water, he comes up and sucks down the food like a vacuum, but he rarely comes all the way to the top – he’s either shy or a diva, we haven’t decided which one.

June2009 008


 Shawn is pretty good at catching the big bass in our pond. Here’s what I tend to catch:

tiny little guy - he put up a good fight!
tiny little guy - he put up a good fight!

 The lure I used is almost as big as he is! That’s ambition in its purest form I tell ya!


Here are some more random pics for your viewing pleasure:

Shasta corners a frog - she was actually kind of afraid it!
Shasta corners a frog - she was actually kind of afraid it!


is this a hydrangea bush? Whatever it is, it's pretty!
is this a hydrangea bush? Whatever it is, it's pretty!


Have a great Monday gang! 🙂

10 thoughts on “I’m definitely turning into a country girl

  1. Congrats on your anniversary!

    Your garden looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E! I can see how it was a major workout getting it going but how brilliant will it be when you eat the first veggies from it? You’ll have to mark the occasion somehow.

  2. Wow, Jillie, Lots to comment on! First, what a beautiful bride. And the guy ain’t bad either. Your children must be gorgeous.

    Yummy on the veggies–I can hardly wait to get some real fresh tomatoes–gonna hit the Farmer’s Market Wednesday, I think.

    Fishing,,,when I was a kid, I thought it was SO FUN. Until I started feeling sad for the fishies. Silly, I know, since I don’t have any problem eating them with their heads cut off in the store. The other thing I couldn’t deal with are the worms. Can’t touch them. And prefer not to even look at them.

    Has your dog eaten a frog? I think it makes them kind of sick. Yesterday Rindy the great hunter cornered a king snake in my yard! I was so excited. I made the dogs go inside so I could herd the snake out of the yard. That is the first king snake I’ve seen up here in 23 years.

    1. Eat the frog? Are you kidding? That would mean she would actually have to touch it and she wasn’t that brave!! She’s a funny dog. I can’t believe you herded a snake out of your yard! I would have gone inside and not come out until winter! I do. not. like. snakes. eek!

      And I still cannot touch the worms – that’s why I use plastic lures! The one I used yesterday was a pretty pink and purple sparkly lure – fun! I feel bad for the fish if I have a hard time getting the hook out – I don’t want to keep them out of the water for too long!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Ours was the 3rd!! Ain’t July a wonderful month to have a wedding? All the guests can sweat and the reception smells like a gym locker. 🙂 Well, maybe not, but it can get awful hot.

    Nice garden. I’m envious of all the bloggers with actual gardens. My effort is a patio sized “thing” for upside down tomatoes. Enjoy the fruits of your labors.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Ours is on flag day (June 14), but we postponed our outing until the Harry Potter movie comes out. (Mother’s & Father’s Day date was an outing to the Star Trek movie…why, yes, we *are* geeks! 😉 )

    Love your garden! My husband, on urging from the dynamic “as seen on TV” duo (aka my kids), bought one of those topsy-turvy tomato growers. We’ll see how it does…we usually get too much fog to get decent tomatoes.

    And yes! That is a hydrangea bush, and quite a beauty, too! My neighbor says you can grow them from cuttings, like you can geraniums. Just lop off a branch and stick it in the ground. I have yet to try it, but she has several shrubs in her yard that she says were started that way.

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