I loves me some long weekends

Yeehaw it’s Thursday! I’m off tomorrow so I get 3 days to play and lounge and read and knit and I’m so happy I can hardly stand it!

I’m slightly sad though because my satellite radio subscription is about to run out and I’m not going to renew it (unless they make me a killer offer), so I spent about 2 hours last night browsing and downloading a bunch of songs. It’s amazing how a new playlist can make a boring old workout routine seem all shiny and new. Here are a couple of my new favorite songs:



I go for my weigh in this afternoon, and I’m not sure if I lost any pounds this week or not. I didn’t work out as much as I wanted this week, but my eating has been pretty good (except for that unfortunate Cheeto incident, but let’s pretend that never happened, k?), so who knows what the scale will say. I know I’ve lost some inches though, because I’m wearing some capris that were VERY snug a few weeks ago, so I’m pretty stoked about that.

Not much else going here – I’ll try to post something this weekend, but don’t hold me to it. Have a great 4th everybody! 🙂

5 thoughts on “I loves me some long weekends

  1. Happy Fourth of July weekend to you, Jill! I am working, as I traditionally do on the 4th (overtime!) but then I am on vacation AGAIN! There’s something to be said for working in one place a long time. They keep giving me more and more vacation time!

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