Is it just me or do the ‘nets seem awfully quiet lately? Lots of bloggers that I read regularly have slowed way down on their blogging activity, haven’t blogged in months, or have deleted their blogs entirely (WhiteFlower, I’m looking at you).  What happened? Did everyone suddenly get a life and didn’t tell me or have they just run out of things to say? Is this just a cycle of the blogosphere – old blogs die, new ones crop up to take their places? (Cue Circle of Life song here) Whatever it is, it makes me a little sad, that’s all I’m saying.

Oh well, never fear! I haven’t run out of things to say yet, so for the two of you still reading this blog, here’s the latest musings from the Pear:

I did yoga tonight!!  I’ve always had a little far away crush on yoga but never had the nerve to go up and talk to it.  Last weekend I downloaded a 30 minute Yoga For Weight Loss routine and this afternoon the house was finally quiet enough (ie the kids were outside playing) and so I got brave, batted my eyelashes, and asked yoga out on a date!  It was really fun and a great work out – I was dripping with sweat not even half way through.  The pace goes a little fast, but the moves are fairly repetitive so I think that in a couple more workouts I’ll be flowing right along with the instructor.  This is definitely something I’ll try to add to my workout arsenal.

I’m taking a knitting class Saturday morning! I’m really excited and the best part is that it is right here in my lil bitty hometown. The best best part is that it is right around the corner from my house! No kidding!  There is this quaint little farm not far from where I live where they have sheep shearing and a pumpkin patch and a little gift shop. They teach all kinds of fabric crafts, so when I found out they offer knitting classes, I signed my daughter and myself up for Saturday morning.  I think Sarah (my 8 year old) needs a hobby – she’s constantly saying she’s bored, and she fills the time by eating.  Sounds hauntingly familiar, no? 

Another fun thing I’m looking forward to is meeting a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in about 20 years.  I found T on Facebook and found out she lives in Tulsa, so we are going to meet up and have dinner at my favorite seafood place.  I can’t wait!

I’m making baked chicken breasts, brown rice and asparagus-blend veggies for dinner tonight – it already smells super yummy. I’m planning on working out on the elliptical tonight as well as finish my upcoming book review, so if I”m going to get all that done before midnight, I’d better get to it.  Have a nice night y’all.