Oh no he di’n’t!

Have you ever been so mad that you didn’t want to eat? Me either, until last night that is. Shawn apparently felt like taking his life into his own hands and said something very stupid about how the laundry was really piling up and how the messy the house was. Yeah, I know, right?!  He obviously did not think that one through before speaking those words. I won’t rehash the argument here, but let’s just say that many a dagger was thrown from my eyes.

When I’m mad, I am the Queen of the Silent Treatment. I can go cold shoulder in 2.2 seconds flat and stay that way as long as necessary. I know, probably  not the most healthy way to argue (or not argue, as the case may be), but it has served me well these last 38 years so I use it whenever I have to.  Needless to say, I was seething with anger so I thought to myself, “I’ll show him! I’ll do every scrap of laundry in this house and I will clean every room within an inch of its life! He will never be able to bitch about the dusty state of this house ever again EVER!”  Okay, looking back now, I see that I gave him exactly what he wanted, but instead of happy-go-lucky slob, he had to deal with Neat Freak Bitch for the rest of the night, and it was not pretty. 


I know there was a point to this story somewhere…what was it? Oh yeah, now I remember!


The argument happened right after I got home from work, so I hadn’t had a snack or dinner, but my hunger vanished the minute he uttered those fatally insensitive words.  My adrenaline was pumping so hard and fast that in 3.5 hours my incredibly slightly messy bedroom sparkled, and I did so much laundry that I ran out of hangers. 

And dammit if I didn’t learn a couple of lessons here!  One is that  I don’t have to have six different snacks after work to survive, and the second is  that when I am really serious (and really mad) and put my mind to something, I can accomplish the seemingly impossible. Kind of ties in to that whole “realizing my potential” thing I blogged about yesterday, huh?  I think the universe is trying to tell me something, like “get off your duff and start making some changes in your life! Girl, how many more hints do you need?”

Shawn called me at work today and apologized for unleashing the Kraken last night and promised to take me out on the town tomorrow night, so it’s all good.  He promised to not bitch so much and I promised to not be such a slob.  It’s all about compromise, ya know.

Well, I’m off to try something new – I just downloaded “Yoga for Weight Loss” off of yogadownload.com.  I have a couple of their other downloads and I really like them, so I’m excited to give this one a try.

Have a good weekend gang!!

11 thoughts on “Oh no he di’n’t!

  1. Wow! Something big is gonna happen in your life!

    I’m trying to figure this out…if I insult you, will you come clean MY house???

    That’s nice you made up, and at least you got a good dinner out for all that hard work.

    1. I never said I was the brightest bulb in the lamp! But honestly, he was right – the house was a mess and it did need some, ahem, attention. It was his delivery that ticked me off!

  2. Oh Jill, Mark’s method of delivery rubs me the wrong way all the time. Just the other night he says, after I get home at 7:45 after a church meeting & going to the grocery store to get HIM some wine, “why aren’t we making bed time 8 p.m. any more?” with a real accusing tone of voice & attitude. This is the man who’s been off school for ONE WEEK. I have taken care of the kids for 3 nights a week for almost 5 months–by myself. & he is home 4 nights in a row & all of the sudden is lecturing me on when bedtime should be. I was so mad. I am expected to do EVERYTHING kid & house related (well, he does the dishwasher a few times a week & will do his own laundry often) but I discipline, I motivate the kids to get ready, I dress the kids on Sunday morning, I do their laundry, I vacuum the floors, I change the cat litter, I feed the dog, I pay the bills, I do, I do, I do it all! Okay, so he earns all the money for us at work & has an unbelievable amount of stress & works tons of hours with school, but do I go criticize him? No I do not. I do nothing but build him up & support him. And still he dares criticize me instead of helping me just get them ready for bed. His cluelessless never fails to flabergast me. & it doesn’t help that I am supremely sensitive to any type of criticism (which, I think, is partly why he pushes my buttons, however subconscious it may be).

    & now you know the backstory to why he wrote the “cattle drive to find my smile” comment on FB. He had been a total jerk. The FB thing was his way of apologizing.

    Oy, men.

    I hope you got a great date night. Plus now you have a clean house for the weekend, haha.

    Hugs, sister.

    1. Laura you sound just like me!! I am so hypersensitive to those things as well, so I feel your pain! If only they would stop and THINK before speaking…it would be so much better for everybody! 🙂

  3. So, maybe we should get really mad about being fat and unfit… And then we whip ourselves into shape!

    Fine rebel you are! If someone criticizes me, I get very rebellious. I would go on strike for as long as it takes to get an apology… I know, I’m so mature!

  4. You’re right … he got exactly what he wanted – a clean house and clean clothes! But it sounds like he got them with both barrels. I hope you told him that if he wants clean clothes in the future, he knows where the washer is. When my hubby sat on the couch last night and asked for pasta, because I had had a long day, I just pointed to the kitchen and said there’s pasta in a cupboard in there. He got a little ticked at first, but got off his duff and did it. Yes, I ended up helping him find the pasta (??) but he did the rest, with my guidance. Men! Vee at http://www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  5. I completely agree with you. I feel like it’s so hard to keep on top of things in the house with the kids, the pets, babysitting, blah blah… but as soon as I hear unexpected non-family company is on the way over… I’ll be darned if this place doesn’t look like a show home in one hour flat!
    It does put my regular pace to shame, that’s for sure. You mean I don’t deserve a rest in front of the Oprah show because I just unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher? Pah!
    Sometimes I look at my day and think, gosh, I hardly sat down all day I still feel like I didn’t get anything done! I’m sure if I watched a video of myself, my pace was pretty lackluster.
    As for lacking hunger, I know these times have come in my life, but very… very rarely 😉

  6. how was the yoga for weightloss?
    I love me some Rodney Yee videos but am thinking I need to make it to a class as I start strong and fade as the dvd continues.
    see things I need to pick up clean up etc and grow distracted.

  7. my husband said something about the house once. I pointed out to him that he really couldn’t enjoy the overall comfort and quirkiness of our house while being firmly planted in his recliner…
    luckily, he is a fast learner :o)

  8. Once, vileman came home from work (5 year old was around 14 months) and her toys were all over the family room; I remember his comment to me was “when I come home from work, this house should be spotless!” Cue the psycho music . . .

    Glad hubs made it up to you.

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