The Big Cranky Post (Or these are just my opinions, take em or leave em)

Howdy folks!

*Warning – TBL spoiler here. If you haven’t heard who the winner is, don’t read this post!

Feeling a little ornery today so let’s get right to the griping portion of the blog, shall we?

The Biggest Loser: I do not like Helen. I really wanted to Tara or Mike to win, but Helen? She was so damn smug the whole evening it just made me ill. I only started watching a few weeks ago, but I saw enough to know that Tara or Mike deserved the win more than Helen. And Jerry? I seriously thought he was like, 83 or something – he looked way older than his 63 years. All in all, I was thoroughly disappointed with the finale.

American Idol: Okay, I don’t know what show the judges were watching, but Adam is terrible! He screams more than he sings and his cocky attitude is such a turn off. Don’t get me wrong, I think the boy’s got talent and he could be super cute if he wasn’t such a freak, but really I have not been impressed by him at all. And it pisses me off that he’s most likely going to be one of the two finalists, because I adore Danny and Kris. I thought Danny’s and Kris’ ballads were both REALLY good – Adam not so much.

In other cranky-old-man news, I spilled coffee all over my lap this morning. I’m not so much mad at the big huge brownish stain all over my jeans as I am that I have been deprived of half a cup of coffee this morning!! I need my two full cups to feel human.

I’ve discovered the secret to not obsessing about food and/or calories: don’t think about it! I have put no thought into my food this week and I gotta say, it’s been pretty nice. I told Laura this morning that I’m really just trying to focus on getting my exercise groove back and the food part can wait a few days. It gets so tiring trying to do both things equally well at the same time, so I’m going to take a step back (or several steps really) and make very small attainable goals for the next few weeks. I need to get some momentum going on the work out front and then I’ll focus more on the food. I just do not have the energy or motivation right now to tackle them both.

I’ve still got the reunion dangling in front of my face and I really really really wish I didn’t have the added pressure of this event staring me in the face. I think it would be so much easier to focus on losing weight if I didn’t feel like I have only 2 months to do it. I’m seriously considering skipping the reunion because I don’t think anyone I hung out with in high school is going. I was really excited at first, but now…eh, not so much. I don’t know. I’ll decide later.

There is a fly buzzing my head. He’s been taunting me and playing games with me all morning long and I’m sorry to report that he is going to die. Very, very soon.

In other annoying news, I just ate my last pistachio.


14 thoughts on “The Big Cranky Post (Or these are just my opinions, take em or leave em)

  1. First of all, how very brave of you to eat pistachios!!
    Then, I have to agree with you about Helen. I sooooo did not want her to win. The fact that she just kept staying around ’til the end gave me a very bad feeling. As a mom, when she decided she needed to stay more than her daughter, I couldn’t believe a mother could deprive her child that way. Oh well, another disappointment in a life of many, I guess.

    I kinda have my cranky pants on today, too. Must be a full moon tonight. 🙂

  2. OMG, I know! I am so sad that Tara did not win. She and Mike looked amazing. But Helen? She did not look good. Something was not right about here. I mean besides her personality. I am disappointed. And poor Jerry didn’t seem to know where he was half the time. I felt pretty bad for the guy. I expected him to try to place an order like he was at a restaurant or something. He was just kind of looking around in a daze.

    Yeah. It sucked. I’m with you.

  3. I love this post- you’re funny when you’re cranky! 🙂 you made me smile and brightened my day, so, I guess thanks for being cranky… and I hope you cheer up soon as well.

  4. Well, during the show I didn’t dislike Helen that much. I just couldn’t believe she stayed on the show. It didn’t seem like she was doing that well. I never really liked Tara that much. But Mike was a really nice kid. And I thought it would be neat if Mike won the whole thing, and Ron won the at home part.

    The thing about how Helen looked…that’s how an old person looks when they lose weight too fast. Your skin just can’t keep up. I think it even happened to me when I first lost, even though it was not that fast. I never could figure this out–did my skin adjust, or did I just get used to how I looked. (I’m only talking about face here.)

    I have a love-hate relationship w/TBL. I mean, for gosh sakes, Jillian BROKE Laura’s hip. And there is something very weird and unhealthy about a person losing that much weight at home that fast.

    But I can’t help watching it. Parts of it are very inspirational. I really liked that marathon that they did at the end. And I loved those Tongan cousins helping their families and neighbors get into better shape.

    About the reunion. I can’t believe someone as beautiful as you is worried about going to a reunion. Don’t you think your classmates have aged and put on weight in the past __ years? Of course I never went to any of my class reunions, so I really can’t talk…

  5. I guess I have to get on my little platform here. I’m sorry, but Helen reminds me of 90% of the women I see around here. She was middleaged, older children. Just because her personality doesn’t JUMP out at you, at the same time, for some, after being overweight their entire life, your skin ISN”T going to bounce back whether the weight loss is quick or slow. Even young Mike had that skin tire around his waist at the finale. These people were obese, not just overweight, and for most or all of their lives. Sometimes, they are trying to still let it sink in what they’ve achieved and what it means to them, their lives and the lives around them.

    As far as Jerry, of course he’s going to look older. He was overweight and had numerous health problems. You think at his age they didn’t take a toll on his body all those years? There’s people I know with Crone’s in their 30’s that look twice their age. That’s just a fact of life when it comes to health problems.

    I guess my thing is the negativity I see across the blogs I’ve read the last few days. I scowled at my 300 lb husband when he sat there during the finale and picked out everyone’s physical flaws. Why is it we have such a focus on image? Some how it doesn’t matter that they changed their life and lifestyle, got fit, healthy, lost fat, gained muscle and flexibility, reached goals, added years to their life, and instead of being happy for them, I’ve read blog after blog, comment after comment focused on how they ‘looked’.

    Not bashing anyone personally, lucky you just got my post on it all.. hahahah. To me it’s just another example of why it all drives me nuts. Sometimes the people that want to encourage to lose weight, end up hindering and hurting those same people after they accomplish it. Stay in the positive!!

    1. Dang Cher – you’re crankier than me! 🙂

      I understand what you are saying and you are probably right in that we in the weight loss world are in the same boat as they were. I think when you have a contest like TBL though, there are going to be heroes and villians, and everyone has their own opinion. And as far as focusing on how they looked, I think you can blame TBL for the focus on that. They sure didn’t focus on how the contestants did at home, or what they were doing differently now, no it was all about how they LOOKED during the finale.

      I still don’t like Helen, though. 😉

      1. hahaha.. i do agree with all the “makeovers” and having everyone dress up definitely can be blamed for that whole thing.

        how could you tell i was cranky?? lol.. is it freakin friday yet?!??!?! hahaha

  6. I think they should have crowned Helen the Biggest Whiner. I was routing for Tara. I thought she looked better than Helen who looked scary skinny to me. MMmmm … pistacios …

  7. Hey –

    Are pistacios safe to eat now? I’ve been craving them but thought there was a recall or something so I haven’t had any in a long time. ;(

    1. I got mine from Walgreens and they had a big sign that said something to the effect of “our ‘stachios are safe, they’ve been checked, yada yada yada…” so I decided to go ahead and live life on the edge and try some. I haven’t died yet, so they must have been okay. 🙂

  8. I agree 100% about TBL, Jill. I didn’t hate Helen or anything, she just rubbed me the wrong way after she sent Shannon packing. I wasn’t a huge Tara fan either, but I thought she’d win. I really wanted Kristen to win the at home prize. Basically, I was pretty p-o’d after that show & felt like I’d wasted a huge amount of time watching the stupid show all season!

    I bought Pistachios last night b/c of you. I haven’t had them in ages. They are so stinking good. We have the “Everybody’s Nuts” brand that are no salt. Pure pistachio. Mm mmmm.

    Hope you get to enjoy your weekend.

    I think you should find a killer dress for the reunion that fits you NOW, & then just do the best you can with your weight loss efforts & if you lose more, return the dress & get a smaller size. And if you don’t lose any more, you’ll be motivated to go to the reunion b/c you have this great dress to wear. (maybe the Money Fairy will drop you a gift card?!) Either way, I agree you are gorgeous & should go (but only if you want to…I haven’t been to any of mine either, but we haven’t had one since the 10 year, and that was 10 – no, 11 – years ago).

    1. Thanks Laura – that’s a good idea about the dress. It’s not so much that I don’t want to go because of my weight (okay well maybe a little bit) but I just feel like I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to lose weight BY then. If I decide not to go, then that pressure is off. I’ll probably go, though. I’ve already booked our hotel room!

      Enjoy those ‘stachios!! 🙂

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