Weekend food and a book

Hey gang!

How was your weekend?

I had a good weekend. I think I cooked once all weekend long – it’s heaven when someone takes over that chore for me! Lots of running around and doing stuff all weekend including visiting the MomPear and MomPear-in-Law. I even cleaned up Sarah and Mallory’s room Saturday morning, which I did in place of a workout. I was dressed and ready to sweat on the elliptical but then I made the mistake of walking into the girls’ room and just could not take it ANY LONGER!!!! I don’t know if I worked up a sweat but I worked for a long time getting that room organized (again). It’s beautiful now, but don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Had an interesting food weekend. I hardly snacked at all. I had 3 squares every day, but the meals were satisfying enough that I didn’t need to eat in between, which is odd for me. The fact that I was pretty busy all weekend probably had something to do with it, but really I didn’t feel the need to find solace in the pantry at all during the weekend. It was nice to not be thinking of food all weekend long. I don’t know if I lost any weight because of that, but honestly I don’t care. I feel like it was an NSV just not snacking my way through the day like I typically do every Saturday and Sunday.

I read a great book last weekend that I am going to review in a few days. It’s all about yoga and pineapples. Sounds fun, huh? Here’s the amazon link  – doesn’t it look cute? I am going to read it again and when I finish I’ll post my review.

Well, I gotta get some work done. Have a good Monday (if that’s possible!).

6 thoughts on “Weekend food and a book

  1. Definitely a NSV! Heck, plain not obsessing about the scale is a NSV.

    I get the same way about Sophie’s room. It just gets out of control sometimes & too far gone for a little girl to tackle herself. That’s when Super Mom comes to the rescue!

    Looking forward to the book review.

  2. Kids!! Gotta love ’em regardless of their room cleaning skills. However, it does sound as tho’ you kept the weekend eating under control. That’s a big deal, I think. And, for a fleeting second the kids’ room is clean. That, too, is a big deal, even if it is a short lived treat. 🙂

  3. Isn’t that a great feeling, when your food is so controlled? And on a weekend when you might well have felt ‘i deserve it’ and dived into everything (mother’s day AND room cleaning!)

  4. Got the water, thanks! (holy. cow. the shipping cost. If you had to pay that out of pocket, you are one dedicated little blogger!)

    Hope your week is going well. I have been having great days, crappy nights. I don’t know what my problem is after 9 p.m. It’s like I can’t get enough junk food into my body. Ugh.

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