I just killed 3 pieces of cake in 30 minutes and I did it one thin tiny slice at a time.  Work was stressful, I have a headache, (excuses excuses) and as soon as I walked in the kitchen all I saw was The Cake.  It was like tunnel vision and all I could focus in on was The Cake. The Cake was good. It was moist, and better yet, it was chocolate. Poor Dora the Explorer didn’t stand a chance.

We didn’t make it to the zoo, even though we had our raincoats and umbrellas and we were going to brave the rain, but Mallory decided at the last minute that we would be dryer if we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s.  I pray that you never have to go to CEC, but if you do, Tuesday afternoon is the prime time to go. There were maybe 4 other families there, so we pretty much had the run of the place. We all had a good time and Mallory had a very good birthday.

This is a really lame post so  I’m going to go take a nap.  I might even work out after I come out of my sugar coma.  Maybe.

ETA:  I didn’t take a nap. I piddled around the house for a bit, made some tacos for dinner (I had one), went to church, came home and WORKED OUT! Did a half hour on the elliptical and now I’m a big sweaty mess. Yea!