Lots o’ water

So I started writing a post this morning about how I ate my weight in Little Debbies did an awesome workout and then it started raining…and raining…and raining. Then Shawn called and said there was flash flooding around our house, and then it REALLY started raining hard.  My boss made the very wise decision to let us all go home early, which was great, but the drive home was a little hairy.  There was only one spot that was kind of scary to drive through, but two very small cars (with verystupid drivers) went through it without being washed away, so I knew my SUV would make it through fine, and it did. 

About half of our street is flooded, but luckily our house sits up a little higher, so we didn’t have any water get in.  Shawn (my hero) met me at the end of our street and drove me through the flooded part of the street to our house (I parked my car up the road).  So I’m home now and there is more rain coming, I just hope it doesn’t keep raining all weekend.

3 thoughts on “Lots o’ water

  1. Oh Jill, if you don’t blog tomorrow, send me an email to let me know you are okay! Memories came flooding back (sorry for the play on words) to the time I lived in Wichita Falls and went through a flood and tornado and the flood DID come in the house where we were! Man, it was scary at the time. Now it is just a memory of a great adventure. I should write a blog about it.

    Its raining hard here, but nothing but big puddles on the rocky ground on the hill where I live. I’m glad your house is a little higher.

    1. No worries Debby! I’m safe and sound! The water has receeded quite a bit so no more flood worries. Shawn was interviewed by a local news station yesterday, and was on the 6:00 news last night, so that was exciting! 🙂

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