Hey kids!!!
I gotta tell ya, this whole eating-dinner-earlier-in-the-evening-thing is really working out for me. Suddenly it seems I have oodles of extra time in the evening for things like laundry and cleaning and oh yeah, working out. Okay well last night I didn’t work out but that’s because we had church and I don’t like getting all sweaty before hand and then being worried about whether it’s me or the pre-pubescent boys who smell the worst.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, extra time in the evenings…anyway, with all this extra time (having even just one extra hour feels like having three) I’ve decided that now is a good time to pick up a hobby. What’s that you say? Why don’t I already have a hobby? Because I have spent the last 13 years raising kids and a husband and working and cooking and cleaning and feeling guilty when I spend any amount of time or money on myself, but I say NO MORE!! Now is the time to liberate the once-creative person who lives inside me. MizFit had a link to this site a few days ago and I decided I would ask it what hobby I should take up. The answer is: knitting. Which is funny because I was already thinking the maybe knitting would be a good fit for me, but I wasn’t sure, so this just validates what I kind of already knew.

I’ve never knitted anything in my life, but I love to sew – I just don’t have room to keep a sewing machine set up at all times. When I do sew, I have to set up my 30 year old, garage sale sewing machine on the kitchen table until I’m finished with whatever project I happen to be working on (the last one was the Jedi costume for Matthew at Halloween). I asked the wonderfully talented Debby to give me some advice on what I need to get started knitting and she gave me a beginner’s list of items that I am going to purchase today after work. Does anyone else out there knit? Feel free to throw some advice/suggestions/warnings/websites my way if you happen to be feeling generous!

So really you may be asking why knitting and why now? Or you may not be asking and really couldn’t care less, but I’ll tell you anyway: because my hobby for the last few years has been Obsessing About My Weight, and I would really like to be able to talk about something else for a change. Also, I think that if I have something to look forward to doing that I won’t think about the vanilla sandwich cookies in the pantry that Shawn always seems to buy. It’s kinda hard to eat cookies and knit at the same time, isn’t it? Please tell me it is!

So yeah, anyway that’s what’s going on with me these days. I’m still on track with my caloriess and working out, so when I weigh in on Saturday morning, I really hope there will be a small drop on the scale. Or maybe I’ll be so busy knitting, that I’ll forget to weigh in – wouldn’t that be a nice change?! 🙂

OH!! I also wanted to tell you all about the pork chops I made for dinner last night – they were so freakin easy that I had to share this:

Autumn Pork Chops
6 boneless pork chops
2 cups apple juice
1 tsp cinnamon (I’m pretty sure I used more than 1 tsp, put in however much you like)

Lay pork chops in slow cooker
Pour apple juice over chops
Sprinkle with cinnamon
Cook on low 10 hours

That’s it! They smelled so good and were so tender you just would not believe it. I served potatoes, black eyed peas, corn, and applesauce with them and it was a really satisfying meal for not a lot of calories (I kept my portions pretty small). It would be a great way to make bbq sandwiches too – just shred the pork chops and pour bbq sauce on them. You could also probably use the meat in a stir fry as well – so many possibilities!! I got the recipe out of the Fix It and Forget Recipes for Entertaining cookbook that my MIL got me for Christmas – there are some good recipes in there if you are looking for slow cooker recipes.

 That’s all I got for today.  Peace out!