A few weeks ago the lovely Erika from SoBe Lifewater contacted me asking if I would be interested in receiving some sample packs of their new Zero Calorie SoBe Lifewater, and since I am a freebie-whore want to help out in any way I can, I accepted. I expected to receive some teeny tiny bottles of their product, but a few weeks later I came home one day to find a HUGE 30 pound box sitting on my porch. I opened it up and inside were FIVE sample packs each containing three 20oz bottles of their naturally sweetened flavored vitamin water.  I was sent 3 flavors to try: Fuji Apple Pear, Black and Blue Berry, and Yumberry Pomegranate.


 For some reason the graphic is fuzzy – sorry!



My kiddos were DYING to open them up and try them out, so we opened a sample pack and did a taste test right then and there. We discovered right away that these drinks should definitely be refrigerated before tasting, so we put them in the fridge for about an hour and did a more thorough test. The results were much better the second time around!

All of the waters had a very light taste, as if you had spilled a little fruit juice into your water, and I really expected them to be very sweet, as most flavored waters are, but they weren’t too sweet at all – just a hint of sweetness really. The Black and Blue Berry tasted like weak blueberry tea, and the Pomegranate tasted like kool aid, both good, but I really liked the taste of the Fuji Apple Pear. It was very light and crisp and I imagined that this is the kind of drink I would want when sitting by the pool in the summer time – great for those hot, thirsty days when you want some flavor, but not something sickeningly sweet. Matthew, my oldest, really liked the Black and Blue Berry, but didn’t care for the other two. Sarah, my 8 year old, really liked the Pomegranate, and my youngest, Mallory also liked the Black and Blue Berry, as well as the Fuji Apple Pear. At first my favorite was the Pomegranate, but then the more I drank of the Fuji Apple Pear, the more I liked it, so I decided that was my favorite after all. The waters are also vitamin-enhanced and sweetened with PureVia, which is an all natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant. For more info on PureVia, go here.

I am a water girl – all I ever drink is water but sometimes I like a little flavor. I don’t drink pop or tea, but I can totally see myself sipping on one of these waters while I’m shopping or as a replacement for a pop  when my kiddos want to stop for a treat at the convenience store.  Sometimes I also like a little something different while I’m sitting at my desk working for hours on end, so I’ll probably get a few of these for just that purpose. 

Overall I don’t really like flavored waters, but I liked these because they were light and not terribly sweet. My kids really liked them, which is why we opened a second sample pack so they could “test them again”. Lucky for you all, I hid the other 3 packs so that I could give them away!  If you would like to be entered into a drawing for a sample pack of SoBe Zero Calorie Lifewater, just leave a comment on this post and three winners will be announced Monday (each winner will receive one sample pack). If however, you don’t wan to wait, you can always go to SoBe World for more information and download a 2for1 coupon for one of their Lifewaters.

Good luck!