Honestly I can’t believe no one has called me out about the fact that I have not mentioned working out or counting cals or any of that sort for the last couple of weeks. But I can’t say that I blame you, I was pretty sneaky about distracting you with tales of my hair. I should be a secret agent or something – you all didn’t even realize I was leading you away from the path of health and fitness and down the dark path of my vanity! Mwahahahahahaha!


Anyway, since I outed myself, let’s talk about my fitness routine and what I’ve been doing lately.



(insert crickets chirping)



Okay, well that was a good talk wasn’t it? Let’s move on to how well I’ve been doing with counting calories, okay? Great!


(insert shame and denial here)


Whew! I’m worn out from all that talking! I’m so glad you are all up to speed now.