I’m sick.  I have the killer cold from hell and it has knocked me on my arse. I stayed home from work yesterday and took about 14 naps and watched every cartoon on Playhouse Disney (Mallory was home with me).  Today I’m a little bit better but still feel cruddy, so I’m staying home again.  I don’t plan on doing anything productive except maybe for some laundry, because laundry doesn’t care how badly you feel, it keeps piling up regardless. Laundry is pretty easy when you have nothing else to do because it’s a few minutes of activity followed by 45 minutes of waiting for the clothes to dry.  Hey, I wonder if that could be considered interval training?!  😉

I’d like to workout today, but really I don’t know if it’s going to happen.  I’m worn out from coughing and trying to, ya know, breathe so even though I’ve eaten every comfort food I can find, sweating may have to wait until tomorrow. 

My big plans for today are to shower, read, eat, and finish continue with the laundry.  Any more than that would be a waste of a good sick day. 



Have a good weekend!