Today’s post is all about my hair – no talk of calories, workouts, or anything remotely related to health and/or fitness, unless you want to talk about how to strenghten my fine, limp hair.  I’ve been jonesin’ for a new ‘do and I can’t decide which way I should go, so I thought I’d let you all chime in and give me your opinion.  But first, here’s what we are dealing with:


kinda blah if you ask me
kinda blah if you ask me


Here’s another view:




Don’t you love how I pose for pics? If one of my coworkers walked in, I’d be mortified.


Anyway, this is how I looked with short hair about a year ago:





You can’t really tell in these pictures, but my hair is naturally very wavy. I straightened it in all of these pictures, but when I just blow it dry, it is quite curly, so keep that in mind when you are participating in the poll. 🙂


Okay, here it is.  The fate of my hair lies in your hands.  Choose well!



And if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  I’m open to any good ideas! 

TIA  for humoring me with this, you guys are awesome!