The Pear Hair Poll


Today’s post is all about my hair – no talk of calories, workouts, or anything remotely related to health and/or fitness, unless you want to talk about how to strenghten my fine, limp hair.  I’ve been jonesin’ for a new ‘do and I can’t decide which way I should go, so I thought I’d let you all chime in and give me your opinion.  But first, here’s what we are dealing with:


kinda blah if you ask me
kinda blah if you ask me


Here’s another view:




Don’t you love how I pose for pics? If one of my coworkers walked in, I’d be mortified.


Anyway, this is how I looked with short hair about a year ago:





You can’t really tell in these pictures, but my hair is naturally very wavy. I straightened it in all of these pictures, but when I just blow it dry, it is quite curly, so keep that in mind when you are participating in the poll. 🙂


Okay, here it is.  The fate of my hair lies in your hands.  Choose well!



And if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.  I’m open to any good ideas! 

TIA  for humoring me with this, you guys are awesome!

9 thoughts on “The Pear Hair Poll

  1. I have to say I LOVE IT! My hair is thin and doesn’t do anything, and besides me having a lil bit more bang.. my hair’s cut almost the same. I just feel it has more ‘bounce’ and is more manageable. The longer it would get, the flatter and more messed up it would get during the day.

    Great cut!!!

  2. My 2 cents? You’ve got terrific hair! But whichever you choose, I’d advise embracing your natural wavy hair. I think it would be very flattering. For example, I thought the long hair looked more flattering with your face than the short hair, but I think it’s because your hair looks more “full” in the long hair photos.

    1. I was also about 10 pounds heavier in the short hair photo, don’t know if that makes a difference. I love wearing my hair curly-ish, so even if I did get it cut short, I would probably wear it with a bit more wave.

  3. I like your hair long and also suggest that you embrace your waves. Have you read Curly Girl by Massey? I read it recently and it has changed the way I do (and think about) my curly hair.

    PS I think your photos are adorable!

  4. I STRONGLY vote for not messing with perfection! Jill, you are one hot mama and that color (blue) is perfection on you. I like change too (and am also “blessed” with the muy wavy hair) but you look good, sister. Consider that you may have already arrived at your destination: Hot City.

    1. Spring – your check is in the mail and should arrive in 7 business days. Thank you for your participation in the Stroke Jill’s Ego for Money program.


  5. Man, you look cute, Jill. I really want to see how your hair looks with its natural waves. It seems like waves would give you more volume. But I have thick hair, so I don’t really know much about fine hair. I really think your glasses are so cute. Maybe I will get up enough nerve to try some glasses with frames when I go this time.

  6. Hi there new to your blog and I love your blog! The polls are so addictive too :> I couldn’t help but scroll down and do them all LOL.
    Hmm I think you look great with shorter hair! I couldn’t tell you were heavier then until I saw one of your replies. I think you look more energetic and fun. But either way love the shine and natural curl you have in your hair!

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