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So I’ve been flip-flopping around trying to figure out what I need to do to lose these 15 pounds (yes, the number has now jumped from 10 to 15 practically overnight) that I have gained since Christmas, and I finally decided that if I am in this for the long haul I need to do something that can be done without a ton of soul-crushing, back breaking, bank account-depleting effort. After much debating and reading, I’ve decided to go old school – I’m going to count calories. This way I still get to incorporate a few of my faves (chocolate, I’m looking at you) while keeping track of just how far I can go with meals and snacks. I’ve switched from FitDay to Calorie Count at About.com because I think FitDay is a bit fussy and it doesn’t even list the elliptical trainer in its activity database. I’ve been using CalorieCount for 3 days now and I think it is faster and easier than FitDay. I’m really pleased with it so far.

Last night I tested the limits of my allotted calories by making (and eating) cookies. The hubs is going through a bit of a funk lately and I thought I’d cheer him up a bit by making his favorite Oatmeal Raisin cookies. Which would have been a good thing, except that I forgot one important point – the hubs is not me.

Total tangent here: I’m getting really tired of using pseudonyms for the members of my family, so I’m just going to go ahead and out them now. Shawn is my husband, Matthew is my oldest son, Sarah is my middle child, and Mallory is my youngest. There, I did it. Now you all know. Big mystery solved. Let’s get back to the point of this post, shall we?

As I was saying, Shawn is not Jill. Shawn is not an emotional eater – a cookie does not make him feel better. Fishing makes him feel better. Playing basketball makes him feel better. Playing dominoes on the computer makes him feel better. Cookies, not so much. So guess who ate cookie dough and then subsequently the warm cookies fresh out of the oven? That’s right – me. And I didn’t feel better, I felt full and bloated. Let that be a lesson to me: emotional eating does not make anyone feel better, no matter how good the intentions (or the cookies) are.

I felt even worse because I didn’t get my work out done last night either, but I figure it’s one day – I’m not going to fret about what I didn’t do for one day. I’m going to try and squeeze in a workout this afternoon before church, and hopefully the 12 year old boys in my class will reek more than I will (that’s almost a 100% guarantee). Getting back on track is a tricky thing, you do what you gotta do.

I also think I need to up my water intake. I get about 2 liters a day, but I think I need more. I’m shooting for 3 liters a day – not difficult for me if I remember to drink enough when I get home. I drink about 2 liters during the day sitting at my desk, but when I get home and get busy, I tend to forget to drink anything and then wonder why I’m so thirsty at bedtime. I do not recommend trying to make up for it at 10:00 at night – have you ever had a dream where you need to go to the bathroom so you are holding it in your dream, but then you dream that you go to the bathroom and are in the process of going, and then you wake up and realize that you really do need to go NOW! And for a minute you can’t decide if you are still dreaming or not, but you get up and go because the thought of having to explain to your husband why the bed is wet is just too mortifying for words?

Or is that just me?

Switching topics here: today’s poll was going to be about whether or not I should cut my hair, and I brought my camera so I could show you all how long my hair is now vs how it looks when it is short (via photo from last year), but I forgot the bring the USB cord to hook it up to my computer, so we may have to save that one for tomorrow – but I’m having a really good hair day today, so maybe I’ll just do that poll tonight when I get home, assuming my hair is still cooperating.

Gee Jill, ramble much?

Okay, today’s poll… I could ask something serious about some health related topic, but we all know that’s just not my style, so here’s the totally random PearPoll for the day:



Have a great Wednesday everyone!

9 thoughts on “Whole bunch of rambly stuff

  1. I tried the Calorie Count site, but being a diabetic, I need the carb counts for my insulin injections, and FitDay shows the total carbs on the food log list, where the Calorie Count site just shows .. well.. the calories! lol And I need to be able to print it all out for my dietician, and FitDay’s printouts are very detailed, and she likes to see that. Like with anyone’s lifestyle, we all have to find what works for us, so I’m glad you found a place! (Plus Calorie Count said I should be taking in 2300 calories a day!! yikes!!! That didn’t settle well with me.. lol)

    I’m REALLY bad with my water intake. Hard for me to force myself to drink when I’m not thirsty, and usually only have one or two 20 oz bottles when I work out. It’s always been one I struggle with.

  2. Oh, yes, the bathroom dream. In mine, I’m usually wandering around, trying to find a non-skanky bathroom to use. And when I finally do “go,” there’s no relief. Which is probably a good thing, because then I wake up and yes, indeed, Nature’s calling…

    Best of luck with the new strategy!

    And I’m looking forward to the hair poll. I’ve been debating whether to cut my hair shorter, too. Might be nice for summer.

  3. i’m right there w/ you on the cookie front.. my FAV is oatmeal raisin and my hubs is the same way… not an emotional eater and i would have also eaten them! gah!

    good luck w/ the new system… whatever works! i’m doing weight watchers and it definately helps me when i write EVERYTHING down that i eat.. i THINK i’m not eating too badly til i look at what i’m actually eating… (pass the cookies!)

    tell us the trick for getting enough water! i’m the WORST at getting enough. all i ddrink is water, but i just don’t drink nearly enough… DH says i’m like a camel…. wtf?! hahah


  4. Ha! Jill, you were just what the doctor ordered! I came home exhausted, and kinda mad at myself…I didn’t stop for food, but I essentially ate junk all the way home. You made me laugh so much. The bunny poll, hilarious… Seriously, though, I am in the same weight boat as you. Of course if we followed miz’s advice, we wouldn’t know how much we weighed. But believe me, I am aware that I feel and look fatter than I used to.

  5. Oh, I wasn’t done talking. Regarding hair, I have cut my hair shorter two times in a row, and now I am looking back wistfully at the pictures of me with long hair, which at the time I thought made me look old and frumpy. Aaaargh!

    And the chocolate bunny poll. That is too funny for words. I am finally cured of my Palmer’s hollow chocolate bunny addiction though.

    And, okay, your description of the pee dream. I thought I’d pee my pants reading it. And no, I’ve never had that experience. That’s not why it was funny. Its not because I could relate to it–that’s not why it was funny. Its funny kind of like if someone from another planet told me about their life and it was completely foreign to me, but somehow it struck me funny. Yah, that’s how its funny.

    Lately, however, I get in bed at 10:30, and think, do I have to pee? And I think, probably, but I guess I’ll just go to sleep, and then wake up in an hour to pee.

    Okay, I bet you’re sorry you shared your pee dream with all of us.

  6. LMAO at the cookie thing. When Mark & I were dating, he was sick once & I asked him if he’d like some fresh baked cookies. He thought it was hysterical–he was surprised I’d even offer cookies as a mode to feel better. It’s kind of a running joke with us… you feel bad? wanna cookie?

    Glad to know the fam’s real names!

    There’s no school like the old school. It will work. I’m going to check out the about website counter. Eventually. Someday. When I’m ready to count calories again.

    Love the polls!

    2 liters a day for me, too. But you are right–3 does help the weight come off faster. And LMAO at the water drinking at night & your H20 dream.

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