It’s Poll Week Y’all!

Okay, you can blame it on MizFit who put the idea into my head, but this is going to be the week of the POLL!  Can I get a yeehaw?!

Today’s poll comes to you from the people who, in my opinion, are just slightly below the Heavenlies: the pistachio farmers from Paramount Farms.  I’m sure you heard about the pistachio recall – it seems that a lot of nuts are being recalled lately (insert joke of choice here), and the pistachio people are worried that we health concscious folks will turn our backs on the little green guys. NOT SO, I say, for I love the pistachio with an unnatural sort of love, a love that can only be described as “a tad bit strange”.  This is the email they sent me:

“As an influential writer in the blogger community, we wanted to reach out to you in regard to the recent pistachio recall. We wanted to let you know that not all pistachios have been affected and that a new site,, the result of a collaboration between the FDA and California growers/processors, is now available. The site lists specific safe pistachio products and brands not affected by the or go directly to the FDA website.

To see the FDA announcement, click on this  link or go directly to the FDA website.

Thank you and healthy wishes,

April Shunn Williams
Paramount Farms”

What?  I’m an influential writer?  I think the word they meant to use was “immature”, but either way I’m more than happy to pass along the info for them.  And let’s face it, you stroke my ego and I’ll purr like a kitten for you, no questions asked. 

And this brings us to today’s PearPoll…




Poll Week is going to be superfun! 🙂

8 thoughts on “It’s Poll Week Y’all!

  1. I like pistachios, but because they are sooo salted, I have to eat them raw. The pudding kind? Er, are those really pistachios, or just peanuts with green fod coloring? 🙂

    BTW: All this weekend, in every store we went to, there were pistachios for sale. Is the recall over? Vee at

  2. Ha! Can you believe I’ve never tasted a pistachio. I think it was because they were green–not a trusty color for a nut. Just last week my brother was talking about how much he liked them–and he’s picky. Maybe I’ll have to try them.

    1. Wait a minute…what? You’ve never ever EVER tried a pistachio? I’m sorry, I’m going to have to take a moment to let this sink in…

      Okay. Girl, go get some ‘stachios NOW. But only get a small bag because once you start you won’t be able to stop. Seriously.

  3. Oh my gosh, Debby, you must try the awesome wonder that is…The Pistachio!

    I *adore* pistachios. The flavor, the crunch, salty goodness, and I love drawing little eyes on the unbroken shells!

    I remember when they used to dye them red. I’d get red dye all over my fingers from eating them.

  4. Pistachios hold a special place in my heart…my youngest had surgery recently and can only eat baby food type foods. Of course she misses real food, the occasional dessert, and variety. I blender up pistachios, cottage cheese, and dates into a pudding which we call Cream Pie. It has helped my daughter have a little “treat” that’s still suitable under her restrictive plan. So seriously, I love pistachios and would like absolutely like to marry them (don’t tell HOS!)

  5. You guys are too funny about the pistachios. Their appearance just doesn’t appeal to me I guess. And do I really need to add another food to the long list of foods I can’t resist? I have to admit, Spring’s ‘Cream Pie’ appeals to me.

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