Hey ya’ll.Thanks so much for all of your hugs and condolences. I really do appreciate each and every one of you. I’m doing much better – just needed a break from the blog for a few days.

Not much has been going on. I started C25k again yesterday. I finally found a podcast that would work with my mp3 player (most of the others wouldn’t work, don’t know why) and it makes it soooooo much easier. Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with it this time. I’ve never gotten past Week 4, so we’ll see what happens.

I’ve decided that I am a maintaining machine. I can maintain the same weight for weeks. Now, if I could just lose these last 20, I’ll be golden, hence the C25k. Since the weather has warmed up a bit, I’m more motivated to get outside and move. I even spent some time weeding the flower bed yesterday after my run.

Completely off subject – why do they call it “weeding”? Shouldn’t it be deweeding? Weeding makes it sound like you are putting weeds in, not taking them out. Just something I’ve always wondered…

Anyway, Debby has mentioned the book 100 Day of Weight Loss by Linda Spangler, which I have, but I also have one of hers called Life is Hard, Food is Easy and I happened to flip to a page that suggests you take a look at what has worked for you in the past and try doing that again. Last summer when I lost 33 pounds, I was walking 30 minutes everyday, eating lots of protein, and eating smaller portions of everything else. I was also taking app suppressants, but I really and truly feel that the exercise and diet is what led me to the weight loss. The only thing I’m not doing is weighing in in front of the Nurse Nazi – and let me tell you that was a BIG motivator to eat well and work out regularly. I need to find some way to have that kind of pressure, because honestly, I do my best work when I’m under pressure. Not sure how I’m going to come up with something like that, but I know it was a big part of my success.

Okay well that’s all I can think of for now. Have a great Monday!