So, the big family birthday party never happened on Saturday. My parents are in Galveston with my 93 year old grandpa who is not doing well. He is very sick and may not live much longer. The next time I see my mom’s number on the caller ID, I’ll know why, and I will not take the news well. I’m in total denial and just not thinking about it right now, because when it does happen, I’ll be a mess and I want to avoid that for as long as I can. If you pray, please say a prayer for me and my family. I would really appreciate it.

It’s probably a good thing that we didn’t have the big party, because then I’d be telling you right now about all the cake I ate and how miserable I am, but since there was no cake, there’s no remorse. But honestly, I still wish I’d had a cake for my birthday.

I’m noticing a lot of body image issues around the nets, and I’ve got a post about that brewing in my head, but I want to hear from you all first – do you have body image issues? If so, what are they? If not, how did you get past them? And if you have never ever had body image issues, I want to know what planet you are from and what the weather’s like there. TIA for your help and input!

Keeping it short and sweet today because I have a TON of work to do. Happy Monday everyone.