Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a good day and guess what?! The wrinkle Fairy left me some nice new wrinkles to commemorate my 38th year of life! Woot!!

SoBe has a new product out called SoBe Lifewater and for today (March 11th) only, you can go to one of their chosen locations and get a free sample! This enhanced water is supposed to be zero calorie and naturally sweetened (although I don’t know what their definition of “natural” is), and they want the opportunity to change the way that enhanced waters are viewed by health freaks like you and me (ahem). You can go here and find the nearest freebie to you, or if you live in the sticks and have no access to free flavored water, then stay tuned to The Sassy Pear for your chance to get a freebie of your very own sometime in the near future (insert suspenseful music here -dun dun dun!!!).

I did a guest post on Cranky Fitness the other day (insert shameless pimping here) and got over 200 hits from people checking out The Pear. Only a tiny fraction of people commented though. Why? Why must you lurk and not say hi to me? Why not come out of hiding and show your fabulous face to the world of The Pear? Do I scare you? Are you just not that into me????? Tell me, I can take it, really. A new blogger who did delurk and speak up is Jessica. She’s a new mom who could use a little bloggy support, so go check her out and say hi!

Remember how a few weeks ago, everyone was doing reviews on POM juice? Well, I forgot to post my review, so here it is. I’m not much of a juice drinker, but pomegranate juice just sounds so exotic, so I tried it. It tastes like a grown up grape juice. I imagine red wine drinkers would really like it, because it is a little dry. My kids thought the bottles were cool, and since they are avid grape-juicers, I let them try it. Kid #1 said, “Hm, it has kind of a funny taste after you swallow it, but I like it”. Kid #2 said, “Yuck”. Kid #3 said, “Mmm. I want some more.” And then within 3 days, there were no more bottles of POM juice left. So I guess they really liked it! I wasn’t crazy about it, but it’s good for a change, so I would recommend it. The bottles are super cute and would make a great winter time craft – paint them white and turn them into snowmen!! A juice that’s healthy and fun? A win-win in my book!

Jessica, the blogger from above (the previous paragraph, not Heaven), asked me a question in the comments and it gave me an idea: I’d like to do a segment called Ask The Pear, in which you ask me questions and I answer them. Or I let someone wiser and more experienced answer them, depending on the question. So for the six of you who read this blog, do you have any questions you’d like to ask? Ask anything – it can be about health and fitness, working moms, women in general, body image, anything that you need an answer for, I’ll try to find that answer. You can either email me (addy is on the top left), or you can ask in the comments below. Fire away, people – I’m ready!!

 Okay, paying job calls me to work, so I’m off!  Have a great day!!